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  1. In an effort to get back to the friendly spirit of the original post, let me throw out some personal perspective from a long-time member (family of 4).......... To me personally, SASS simply represents a harkening back to childhood and westerns, let's me use guns in competition that I find a helluva lot more interesting than "modern" ones, has unquestionably the finest bunch of folks I've ever been around in any shooting discipline I've tried - and I've dabbled in many, and allows those same fine folks to provide a great influence on my teenage daughters at events we attend. Old fashioned values are the norm That being said, what keeps me paying dues for all four of us every year when we haven't shot a sanctioned match in almost two years, and even in years we have shot it's only 1 or 2 given our remote location? Simple, it's to support an organization that allows and fosters all of the above. Do I agree with everything that comes along? Not by a long shot, but they're still the hub of organized CAS shooting and I'll do what I can to support them even if I don't get that cool old monthly SASS newspaper. Now if I had to suggest a focus area to address (along with more active marketing), it would be to change the structure of how significant competitions are ran. Yes, it's an expensive sport - little can be done about that and I've never found a shortage of folks willing to lend guns. Far more problematic & prohibitive (from a middle aged/working family man) is the fact major matches have never been set up as family friendly for scheduling. I fully realize the scheduling challenges there are for a truly large event, but to put it simply holding much of an event on weekdays will ALWAYS limit your participation from families with kids in sports, academic calendar realities, etc unless they live nearby. For those of us that live a day's drive from any major event, that equates to nearly a full week off from work and school which is just damn tough to do. The competitive side of this sport is set up for retirees or empty nesters with some disposable income, which of course is exactly who the majority of competitors are at big events. That's an unfortunate reality to our sport, but I'll still continue our memberships indefinitely and shoot when we can......SASS has given me more enjoyment and fine friendships than I could ever repay and if my dues help someone like me jump into SASS/CAS a few years from now just because it's still around, that is icing on the cake. And here me and my family are, managing to promote our sport for a mining-related infomercial I was tapped for a couple years ago! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoGuvR82FX4#action=share Kid Colter (and family) Spearfish, SD now, but last 15 years in far north NV
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