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  1. Dawg, I will take 100 if still available! Pm me with payment info please. Thank you!
  2. Robyn, I will take the trousers and red shirt if still available? PM me with payment details. Thank you!
  3. If this sale falls through I’d be interested! Thank you!
  4. https://brunnertargets.com/bird-thrower-popper-c03 I believe this is one that would work for you. Good luck!
  5. Apologies if pictures didn’t come through ok on post. New to the wire and still learning! Let me know if interested in possible trade or if you would like additional pictures sent via text or email. Thank you.
  6. I have a pair of short stroked & tuned Smokewagon’s in 357/38sp from Taylor’s. The Smokewagon is Taylor’s spin on the Uberti Cattlemen if I remember correctly. The tuning that Taylor’s in-house gunsmith does is beautiful!! The guns are very accurate when I do my part and function flawlessly. I would highly recommend.
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