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  1. Damn, If I didn’t have bills and recently bought a different version of uberti’s 1873 in 44-40, I’d have been all over this. Didn’t know they made this model. Saving for a pedersoli lighting as well! So many guns not enough funds!
  2. These rifles haven’t been made long and I’ve never seen spare parts available. I’d contact an approved winchester/browning service center and they may have some.
  3. A friend of mine in another forum has a box of new jacketed projectiles he is trying to sell but he is not on this forum. Want me to message you his contact information?
  4. Definitely looks like a good one. Like others said already, go to the winchester collectors forums. All the experts who deal with originals are there.
  5. That a fair deal in a good caliber. And the reason why you don’t see them often is because they’re not a big seller. I saw uberti temporarily suspended production on these so they’re gonna be even rarer. The 1873 short rifle(20” octagon barrel) sells the most and the 1866 carbine and short rifle right behind it. The 24” rifle versions and other special lengths behind. They can’t make em fast enough so they’re sticking to the biggest sellers for now. I myself have a cimarron/uberti 1873 deluxe 24” rifle in 44-40 with the checkered forend and pistol grip stock. Also a cimarron/uberti 1866 carbine in 45 colt ‘original’ finish so the brass is tarnished, no bluing and artificial aging done. I have a custom smith shoo elevator in it to shoot 45 cowboy special blackpowder with 200gr bullets so it’s super close to the .44 henry rimfire they were originally chambered in and you get the same capacity(15) vs 10 of the longer 45 colt. You can do the same with this carrier in 44 special guns and shoot 44 s&w Russian. sorry for the long comment, just wanted to pass the 1873 carbine news and got to rambling.
  6. Mid range usually means you can use them to 800 yards with 45-70. If you wanna get to 1,000 you need the long range. Not sure on 38-55. Mid range is usually 200-600 yard matches. Anything further is long range. Just be sure to get a soule or buffalo soule sight for more windage adjustments. And some type of globe front with inserts. Montana vintage arms os probably the best in use with flashy looks. Lee shaver and kelley sights are similar but fancier finished with color case hardening and such. Price will show you that. If you want ones that are good in use and slightly less than mva, look at c sharps sights.
  7. If you have facebook you need to join the sharps rifle forum group and the black powder cartridge silhouette group. And there’s another I forget. Kenny Wasserburger, Ian Egbert and others in there will help new people. I was completely green and new like you a few years ago and learned so much. Get all the free knowledge you can before you spend a dime on a rifle or equipment.
  8. Like someone else said 40-65 is one of the most used calibers. 38-55 isn’t bad either. Also check out c sharps arms of big timber montana. They make winchester 1885 reproductions that are true to the originals unlike the mirkou guns. I have one in 45-70. You can have them custom made to your liking sights and all.
  9. You’re right, the one I’m thinking of in 44 colt was the type 1 armi san marco made for cimarron years ago.
  10. If you open up your search to .44 special version you can shoot .44 colt(non heeled bullets) and .44 russian out of it as well.
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