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  1. I have a pair of brand new Taylor tuned smokewagons.
  2. I run 2.8 gns clays under a 105 TC bullet. as my sweet spot. It maintains great accuracy and low recoil. I use to use the same load for the 125 TC bullet as well with the same performance. 2.5gns is to temp sensitive in my opinion.
  3. I could use that. Let me know where to send shipping payment.
  4. WTS - 2 Taylor tuned Smokewagons https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/331069-wts-2-taylor-tuned-smokewagons/
  5. I have a brand new set and smoke wagons 5.5 barrels in 38/357
  6. I’ll take it. I know I can fix it. Pm coming your way.
  7. I’m second if caladisi kid doesn’t take them.
  8. I have a pair of Taylor tuned Uberti Smokewagons in 357. Never fired brand new for sale. Pm me if interested
  9. Hey Springfield Slim. Hows my order coming along. I have sent emails and pm's and gotten no reply???
  10. Btt. I'll cover shipping in lower 48. So that's $1600 flat. No I will absolutely not go any lower.
  11. I a would love this mine is cracked. Let me know.
  12. Btt these are 804.18 ea h plus tax and shipping. I will sell seperate for $800 each plus the ride to you. Or the 1600 for the pair plus the ride to you.
  13. These are not short stroked. Just tuned. But they are smooth as butter
  14. BTT I can't believe no one has jumped on these they where back ordered for months. and these are cheaper then what you can get them for at Taylor's. Just to be clear the price is for both guns!! They are brand new never fired!!
  15. FS 2 brand new never fired Taylor tuned Uberti Smokewagons. 5.5" barrels. $1600 + shipping 357/38 First "I'll take them" gets em.
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