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  1. The view From Suribachi is Awesome when I get Home tonight I will post a few Photos of that Semper Fi.
  2. Willkommen , First I would like to order 3 Döner and a few Hefe's , Family lived in Schwarzenbach for 4 years , I was stationed in Grafenwöhr , Although I spent almost 3 of that in Iraq and Afghanistan . But did get the chance to visit some in Bavaria and shot with Bundeswehr for a Schützenschnur (Gold ) tschüss
  3. Was raised Catholic , Pretty much stopped going in Marines because after a Tour to the Root , I was home and Priest Took me aside to question me If I was remaining Pure Catholic . I laughed walked out and never went back . I find myself not believing in any Organized religion Anymore. Side note umm name and location of said Bootbarn employee ?
  4. Yeah with a free Harvard scholarship with a SAT of 1270 in a major they dont have . He's a Cling-on Can I get into Harvard with a 1200 SAT? SAT exam is an entrance test to get into colleges and universities in the United States. To get admission to top colleges like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford, one needs to score at least 1500.
  5. Naw your trajectory is wrong sustained Gust of 84 MPH you will end up in Kansas
  6. See and here lies the problem you can’t fund arms and financially to a country and have a proxy war, blowup a pipeline and remain neutral . The killing China, not display arms Russia from your pot, meet kettle you can’t say one thing and do another meanwhile, now are void
  7. I Iwo Bunkers Suribachi Bullet hits Some Guy name R Lee Cpl Gene Gustad ,/ Sergeant Major of Marine Corp Estrada ( Flag was flown On Iwo War Memorial and flown Overnight To be presented on Iwo Seated with hat Jack Lucas MOH
  8. Alec Baldwin scores win in 'Rust' fatal shooting case as DA drops firearm enhancement Alec Baldwin scores win in 'Rust' fatal shooting case as DA drops firearm enhancement (msn.com)
  9. I think after 100 Billion and now taxpayers funding the Ukraine retirement pensions and salaries for another 500 million they can Try to finally stand on their own self and buy their own with all that funding you would think that more that 30 % would make it to the Army and they wouldnt be running out of ammo right now . They want A10s they can buy them https://thehill.com/business/3275688-biden-proposes-500-million-in-aid-for-ukrainian-government/ then maybe they wont be doing war crimes https://www.weeklyblitz.net/news/bastrykin-spoke-about-representatives-of-the-armed-forces-of-ukraine-cutting-off-the-heads-of-mercenaries/
  10. Marines land on Iwo , had the honor of attending the 60th reunion on Iwo Jima with Jack Lucas MOH , Cpl Gene Gustad , R Lee Ermy
  11. You misspelled Gun Show they are Scalpers Haven , for the last couple of years. Not my fault they bought to further scalp when ammo was scarce and are stuck with it .
  12. Am I they only one hoping the Cows win on that deal ?
  13. I was in Iraq when They were know a few from there They were in Qwest so didnt see them all the time and I am authorized to wear their Unit for a Combat Patch Good bunch of people.
  14. Let me grab a cup of coffee and watch the outrage over this one LOL Personally make a "hunting season for them issue tags and let someone actually Hunt them they deal with the harvesting .
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