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  1. We used the m320 but many dont know what it is when Doing CQC / door kicking when you what light and easy for confines space . The M203 is not either , and still widely used . but HK received contract for new 320 The M320 on other hand can be packed away . Now personally I would rather toss in a Homewrecker (thermobaric grenade) and be done But the 320 is 3.3 lbs and can be mounted on a Carbine
  2. I build all my own, so not really and its in .300 black
  3. All good, Nothing that says you cant Heck I have one that says "Dry, Wet, and Drown'em for selector markings .
  4. Used a M203 many times to Clear a room , and it works
  5. Have to on This one Cute little blonde killed in Car accident just as she was getting popular Blue
  6. https://lucybetteridgedyson.com/2019/05/21/hold-your-horses-and-check-your-sources/
  7. Happy Birthday Gunny! @Blackwater 53393 What do you mean "Getting" did you forget to post the 10 year ago ?
  8. LOL seems like all the little guys always cry "Compensation" and well it is small compared to:
  9. Is that a Apple Juice or like Juicy ? I know , spelling not required for those that make memes.:)
  10. I am waiting for our Local mountain Lion to snack on the yapping ankle biter the blue state transplants leave out all day .
  11. LIke most said and they dont have in stock trail boss which as we know there is none . and most scam websites will have everything
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