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  1. I do it all the time , My kids can shoot everything I own . and Personally Think its a good idea to train with what you are bringing to a gun fight and well the cowboy guns just add some fun to a day at the range . Besides when is it not a good day to go out and touch grass and spend some range time ?
  2. Sounds like a new song thread Songs you cant get out of your head for the day You Are Welcome
  3. Don’t make us have to fall in with the new boots
  4. My Father in Law did the Cable / wiring for all the Nike sites here , So that was a ongoing tease.
  5. But you guys Lost what 6 including flying one from Minot to texas and leaving unsecured over a weekend ? And we havent used one since 1945
  6. Yep and my old Targeter keeps us well posted , Like the potential revolt happening right now in Cuba to a known Hezbollah was captured in El Paso with a plot to bomb NYC on the 12TH and the US Military being kicked out of Niger effective now .
  7. Yep my old Targeter let me know this Friday, Good reason to always plan to self rescue . Funny how you dont see much about it on the news . Aderbis Segundo Pirela, 28, was arrested in New Braunfels yesterday, He was wanted in at least 4 murders, and was on Interpol’s top 10 most wanted, along with Colombia’s most wanted list, LE sources say. U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement, or ICE, said in a statement that Pirela first entered the United States lawfully on Jan. 2, near Eagle Pass. U.S. Border Patrol arrested him near El Paso that same day and issued a notice to appear. On Jan. 5, Border Patrol issued Pirela an order of recognizance and released him from their custody. Gualdron said both U.S. and Colombian authorities were working together to track Pirela. https://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/sources-interpol-most-wanted-fugitive-captured-near-san-antonio-tied-to-4-murders
  8. Every so often I come up with a idea like this for a air compressor box
  9. Windy day here 30-40 MPh breeze so since buying the house a couple years ago. I never could decide what to put in the Arch at the front door entry Had a idea a couple weeks ago so went on a trip to ranch and ordered a metal piece . Painted it insert and install it today . I have a little touch up to do but ..
  10. They should give Him a retirement necktie party with a noose.
  11. and I still love the MK19 although every time I disassembled one they drew blood , For the m430 grenades they have arming distance of 18-40 meters (caused by rotation of grenade when fired) We rolled some on the floor so they would activate in a shorter distance , not recommended
  12. Well you forgot the good ole Blooper M79
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