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  1. Alpo and you using the same reading material ? or am I seeing double
  2. No pretty calm here today that was 3 days ago , 14 inches and -23 now 50 degrees and slush all over
  3. yeah I tried posting that also ?? I still prefer my FMJ’s on a roof in Afghanistan for the big rats
  4. Talk to text bit me on that one ,won’t try that again been one of those days that every little clown wants to try me not the day to do it for them
  5. Which can do you have now ? I need to stop by Lane at lunch again they are literally right across the street
  6. No , the fluffy cow is fine . We don’t cater to that thought here
  7. Local Indian Lady placed well with this one. Some awesome work
  8. Maybe I should take one as a emotional support animal
  9. Yes, but I can’t put my actual reply here because it’s my right. And to quote Young Guns if they don’t like it, they can go straight to hell.. Now if you’re talking about our lustrous VA . Know anyone that’s been to an annual VA medical appointment will test today as you are interviewed .Know anyone that’s been to a annual VA medical appointment will test today as you are interviewed by no less than three or four people. Oh asking how you are just now at your hobbies a such what you’d like to do , how are things going? Trying to be a buddy what you’re trying to do is say you are mentally unstable and admit that you have guns because then they will send you a letter voiding your second amendment I know this for a fact because it’s happened to people I know
  10. Ohh heck we only have 3 more months and they get deeper for here on out Heavy wet stuff
  11. Well The Hamburger Angus , Wagyu ,ect novelty labeling is . You problem is You dont know where your beef comes from so no you wouldnt be able to tell . I know where mine comes from since 1878. If possible try to find a local rancher that sells beef you will see the difference . When I buy beef its all 5-6 bucks a pound no matter burger or tenderloin
  12. Not from My trip but Video of a Iwo Trip . I was lucky enough to know many Men from The Pacific Marines. LT Gen Snowden , "Pappy Boyington VMF 214 , Jack Lucas MOH , Code Talker Peter McDonald , Cpl Gustad , and even A known name from the Gun Parts and local Jack First (mentioned By name in Flags Of Our Fathers ) We also most MOH John Basilone on the First day
  13. Just a few More Hayes Grave From Green Beach to Suribachi The Iwo Flag Suribachi Beach with Shrapnel towards Suribachi We had also found a Marine KBar but not allowed to remove it Seldom seen sunset over Suribachi
  14. The Flag on Suribachi MT Suribachi Cpl Gustad route on green Beach Green Beach Iwo Japanese Naval gun on Suribachi From Suribachi The road to Suribachi
  15. Somewhat true however , feed makes a difference as well as Fat retention , You will notice a difference with even Beef grass finished vs grain. Soil comp in the grass makes a difference and so bison vs beef changes that . In wild game you would be able to tell a difference in our Plains deer vs our Hills deer . Kinda goes into You are what you eat mentality , I can double smoke anything .
  16. Whats the bacon taste like is only real question?
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