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  1. Yes My VP9 uses a Guide rod laser so add a light
  2. Please Excuse Our Aussie friends they have always been just a touch different
  3. Been there had a heart rate of 4 I told them never to help me again
  4. LOL just posted same thing you must have got the same notice I had
  5. Just informed that a limited run of 32-20 brass is available to backorder 500 for $135.50 $0.27/each ** 1000 for $234.00 $0.23/each ** https://www.starlinebrass.com/32-20-brass
  6. Especially being a Miata and me being a Educated Rectum
  7. Because you are old , and not distracted on fun things anymore like you were in High School . Sucks but its true
  8. Anything longer than 3 months in mine of which I have none , Now I have a few I shoot less than others but they all get used . Of course I just may go spend a day on the range and go through 5-6k in ammo
  9. Safes? I was thinking a vault door with access to a complete room or two . you can have all the guns in the world but true question is do you have a ammo storage room ?
  10. That was LTA Tustin not El Toro. https://www.nbclosangeles.com/on-air/fire-destroys-historic-air-base-hangar-in-tusin/3262821/
  11. The weight is actual weight in mg of Aspirin , he is using coated which is not figured into weight .
  12. Never read Alpos post first thing in the morning?
  13. This is why you Co witness your sights with red dot . As far as lasers In a fire fight you will have zero use for them point and click most of time you arent even using sights .
  14. I am one of those that never knows how to answer that "Thanks for your Service " mainly I feel so many feel like they have to say It , I did my job , and I dont feel like I did anything special. I do miss the nights after a mission all BS'ing about whatever and the training . Wasnt a better thing than taking a basic group and working with them for a week in tactics of CQC and shoot house going from crawling and saying bang bang and explaining their reasoning to full speed live fire shoot houses .
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