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  1. At this point in time , I am not so sure Thermonuclear war wouldn't be a great way to finish the week off
  2. Now insert the Airman that was killed By SO going to wrong door in Florida. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2024/05/08/family-of-florida-airman-shot-death-deputies-claims-police-went-wrong-apartment.html
  3. LOL That sir is only part of it thats the locker room crap. Try Brandon Roper lawsuit the Fraud Lawsuit The Royalty Lawsuit And of Course the donations to Act Blue
  4. Well I know many in the SpecOps Units and the Stories about Haver and his lawsuits and well the Crenshaw deal against several SEALs and the backstabbing of Gallagher I want zero to do with them. And wont even get started on the gun control funding Grunt style shirts I use Bison Union was a Green Beret ,more local donates to rodeo and does Ranching , the other I really like is the Dark Bosque Ranch community coffee
  5. Ours were visible right at sundown had color in north with sunset
  6. None of the above so many other good coffee companies out there that aren't bro vet grifters ,
  7. Navy did and still goes both ways , and take that anyway you wish One sentence they call it Basic the next is boot camp , naps are still optional . chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/https://www.navy.com/sites/default/files/2018-03/bootcamp-brochure_0.pdf
  8. The Only "Boot Camp " is the Marines and they use Drill Instructors except for Air Farce I believe they use Unicorn Activities Coordinator . The rest use "Basic Training"
  9. What that doesn’t say is that it could be done in a week
  10. Don't celebrate any date , problem fixed . In reality they are all just another day.
  11. I had a self driving Mustang once , Nice 5 year old Gelding out riding fences he knew the way .
  12. Two ways to look at this. First this is the goal of these protests to create chaos , Socialism 101 destroy from inside. Second , While yes its their right to protest "peacefully " way overdo an not enough let me know when we are actively engaging in red dots on fore heads and filling that "Causality list" without us going to jail
  13. Same as seat belt "laws" Now I agree they help got it not arguing that . But having a law that says what you have to do in your property is well BS. Yes I also know that it was all a Extortion of Federal gov over states the receive federal money for roads . Big Push here by LEO to enforce that Seat belt "Law" lately again, but we have zero helmet laws LOL why because all for the all mighty dollar not about safety its about money
  14. Well RIP Lunatic from Hell He passed away from Colic
  15. Must have been a bunch of boots that they tested , Way above average
  16. Very Cool solemn place to visit . Went with Jack Lucas, Cpl Gene Gustad ,R Lee Ermey ,Code talker, and LGEN Snowden (Snowden was a company commander with the 23rd Marines during the capture of Roi-Namur during the Battle of Kwajalein, the capture of Saipan and the capture of Tinian. During the assault on Iwo Jima)
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