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  1. 2 hours ago, J.D. Daily said:

    Sounds like it would be easier to fill out form.  Then send it to the ATF with two fingerprint cards.  That won't work if like CA you can't own a NFA item.  That is what I would do and wait till just before the the 120 day period expires to mail to the ATF.  The reason is because it is highly likely that the ATF will be enjoined from enforcing the rule before the 120 days are up.  Eventually it will be permanently bounced.

       Or after 88 days of being submitted it become a Auto DENY , there fore the ATF can and they have already stated they will come door knocking 

  2. On 3/24/2023 at 5:22 PM, Trigger Mike said:

    At the time I bought it the atf nominee at that time defined an assault weapon as a semiautomatic other than a 22. I had hoped a 22 version would be ok.  I’ve been wrong before and will be again 

    Get this fixed yet ?   

  3. 1 hour ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

    We were drunk when trying to calculate capacity. Our ladies were there so I am sure we were light on the estimate. 1 shot per beer. :lol:

    Here :) 

    40mm is a 2 oz shot 
    Dimensions: 4 ¼”H x 1 11/16”W (base


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  4. 48 minutes ago, Blackwater 53393 said:

    That wouldn’t keep me from shooting there!


    All jokes aside, the World Shooting Complex is a fabulous facility. There are twelve dedicated bays to shoot CAS with high berms and easy access. They also have hundreds of camping sites and bath and shower facilities. I’ve been there many times and STILL haven’t seen the whole place!


    The only negative at this point is a lack of hotel/motel facilities really close by.


    It’s far more centrally located, geographically, and there are numerous permanent on site facilities that can be used for related activities!!

    And you will be closer to your recliner after the ER visit :)  
    I hear your points joking aside but weather end of Feb early March is well unpredictable I am sure its nicer than here but travel  and event may take a back seat to weather .

      That being said Illinois legally isnt quite as Firearm friendly as AZ  and that seems to change monthly . I am really surprised somewhere in Texas hasnt made it home 

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