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  1. Looking for a conversion kit for a Dillion 750 thought I’d see if there was one here before buying new?
  2. I have a new vaquero 45 colt stainless steel with 5 1/2 barrel . Trying to trade for one with a regular grip frame good shape original box got a wolf hammer spring but also have the original.
  3. I have a new vaquero bisley 45 colt stainless steel has 5.5 inch barrel. would like to trade for a new vaquero with a regular grip.
  4. Looking for a used set of reloading dies for a 44-40.
  5. Looking for a 73 trapper in 44-40 18 inch octagon barrel . Show me what ya got.pic is a 45 but the one that I want
  6. 42 inches $ 65 shipped or I’ll make one what size you need.
  7. Holds 8 shells total length is 42 inches to last hole . $65 shipped I made it plain Jane no frills but all Herman oak bridal leather and stainless buckle.
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