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  1. LOL ..... Hey @Subdeacon Joe t'was DeaconKC not me this time
  2. Common sense speed mostly, lots of camels, and big brahman cattle wandering about. Usually the corrugations are enough to loosen your teeth to make you go slow and if sections are sealed its usually only one car width which necessitates pulling over onto the shoulder at least two wheels while the other vehicle does the same (and hope it's not a 65 meter long road train) if it's been raining, getting those two wheels back on the sealed section can be fun.
  3. Most boys I knew Eyesa had one of these (or a Blue Tongue lizard) as a pet.
  4. All those countries are fitting inside ONE country.
  5. We had one of the green ones in our house when we bought it.....wish I'd kept it.
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