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  1. No that's a family heirloom story to pass down through the ages !
  2. What BW mentioned above works fine, professionals add a little ammonium chloride to the mix to get a really nice green verdigris patina. Ammonium chloride is cheap and you can buy a small bottle from an pet store that stocks tropical fish (aquarists use it). I've used the above to age parts when I'm restoring steam engines. Plain seawater (if you live near the ocean) is the best....it's a lot slower but the most beautiful natural looking green verdigris is achieved by just using sea water.
  3. Yes that's the same here, 30 minutes after sunset in a State Forest, have to wear something orange like you guys as well. There isn't any really open areas in the numerous State Forests 5 - 15 minutes' drive from around where we live on the coast, they are all thickly forested areas. I've got my yearly hunting license as well and been out with him a few times and there's deer sign everywhere. They are all pretty remote areas (we live in a rural area) if he ever gets one, its more than likely going to be a LONG way from his car! He's a grown man,runs his own company and has a wife and children but we've insisted that he bought and wears a GPS epirb that's not kept in a backpack so that its easily reached if he should trip or fall and become injured.
  4. There's six species here (all feral) and they number in their millions - fallow (Cervus [Dama] dama), red, wapiti or elk (Cervus elaphus); hog (Cervus [Axis] porcinus); chital, axis or spotted deer (Cervus [Axis] axis); Timor or rusa (Cervus timorensis) and sambar (Cervus unicolor).
  5. My son has buck fever bad! He's been out a lot of days now trying to get a deer. They're feral here and can be shot 365 days a year. He's seen a lot of sign, covered a lot of ground but hasn't seen a deer (seen 'em driving home when he's packed up standing in the middle of the dirt road at night, but it's illegal to take them in the State Forests after sundown). Do you deer hunters walk all the time looking or do you sit and wait and just hope one walks into your view? What's some hints? (cant set up feeding stations on public lands here).
  6. That photo is from the Korean War - "A member of 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), displays the Sniperscope which is attached to a .30 calibre Carbine. The scope is battery operated and the battery is carried in the pack on his back".
  7. That's a great anecdote Cactus Jack, thank you for sharing it.
  8. @Yul Lose The yellow lines Yul are measured at 320mm and the red lines at 290mm.
  9. Our older paper currency before it went to plastic notes, our lowest note is now $5.00 and we have $1 & 2 dollar coins -
  10. That's a damn cool shotty belt!
  11. Thanks pards, we've been using this for around 14 months now. It got old fast humping all that gear from range to range and range to car not having a cart. @Yul Lose about a year ago Yul Lose emailed how to make wooden wagon wheels for the cart, I had a go at it, but unfortunately the skill level that Yul has is wayyy over my pay grade. And that's what makes his carts the masterpieces that they are.
  12. Sshhhhhhh Abilene.....if Jenorado reads your post that's another week of work for me
  13. My wife wanted some bling on the gun cart, a couple of helpful Wire pards were great and sent me some CAD drawings of a cylinder so I could use as a template. It's not a Yul Lose original, but we like. Carry's a LOT of gear and breaks down easy to put in the back of the car and when its empty its nice and light. Another Wire pard was awesome and posted me some of the decals that you can see on the cart from the U.S. Ended up cutting all the brass shells down with a thin disc on an angle grinder, then filed off all the burrs, polished and spray varnished them. Drilled 9.5mm holes and one drop of super glue and used a small rubber leather faced mallet to drive them in. The shotgun shells I cut down on my bandsaw and used a spade bit to drill the hole. Turned the handles on my metal lathe for the rifle and pistol squib rods and bored out the ends to fit the shotgun shells.
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