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  1. Pretty sure its not sold here anymore Alpo.
  2. Learnt something today that gators are native to China.
  3. No it wasn't urine, it used to be a caffeinated lemon drink and was pretty nice
  4. That third pic in the link easily identifies. Thanks for the article.
  5. My grandchildren still love to say that
  6. Looks like a salty?.....I'd like to know the backstory to that pic.
  7. I couldn't show that bedspread to my wife....besides killing me she'd never sleep again, her snake phobia is that bad. She can't even look at a snake in a movie of TV I have to tell her when she can open her eyes.
  8. Curried sausages.....Mum made this sometime once a week and it was always a family fav
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