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  1. Thanks all, fever seems to have broken last night and feeling like a bad head cold with aches and pains.I'm dressed and out of bed for the day, I'll see how I go mucking around in my shed but do feel pretty blah and have a lot of rumblings in my guts from I think the antivirals so will stay near a bathroom!
  2. Was with a mate at the Sunday SASS match and his wife rang me up on Monday night saying he was crook and tested positive and last night I came down with it did a rat test and it was instantly positive. I've had five (5) vaxes so the Doc reckons it should be mild because of that, but she still started me on antivirals over a phone consultation. Had a pretty crook night with fever and chills....hope it's just a couple of days and its gone!
  3. Its day time, that's what the colony is roosting in for the day. They feed in palm trees, fruit trees at night.
  4. You guys don't think their cute???????? They fly over our house in their tens of thousands every night. They land in the palm trees to feed and they fight, scream and bicker with each ALL night until they fly off to roost in the day.
  5. Beth sure did emasculate the guy in the bar!
  6. 9.00pm Monday night (which is tonight the 14th),
  7. The fad down here is a set of plastic testicles in a scrotum hanging off your toe ball.
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