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  1. This is a few kilometres up the road from me lookin' to the West.
  2. This is from the front of my house lookin' West.
  3. Post up photos that you've taken. This is a sunset from my front door a while back.
  4. Watching a whole lot of CAS shoots on YT it looks like a lot of shooters are holding the trigger in on their pistols the whole time there shooting and just letting the hammer fall ie keep trigger depressed - cock, aim, let hammer slip off thumb, cock, aim, let hammer slip off thumb Is what I'm seeing correct do people do that or does it just look like there doing it?
  5. LOL you ain't so poor.....That Ballistol is dearer than good Whisky!!!!
  6. Though I did change the spur straps when they came up as "Ladies"
  7. Gold dust has been electronically delivered
  8. Is this a spur shelf? Its 1cm wide.
  9. Pat, what would be the absolutely perfect Western for you that got every detail 100% correct and error free?
  10. I'm pretty close (for better or worse) to spending some gold on these. One last question....is the chain underneath not 100% necessary like in the pic above that Hashknife Cowboy posted?
  11. I can't pick up even the slightest of slightest Aussie accent. I've often wondered if they do a lot of voice coaching.
  12. I'm wondering if I'd be able to put a brass screw in the heel of my boots to hold the spurs up?
  13. It's lookin' like spurs on these boots ain't gonna' work out.
  14. I just watch movies for the entertainment and escapism..... I don't get uptight and caught up in the whatevers......its got guns, leather, horses, rifles, shotguns and lots of blood and gore..... It's a Western!
  15. This!!! If I can't get to Tombstone.... I gotta' bring the fantasy of Tombstone here
  16. I don't think I could get that low
  17. Thanks for that information
  18. I don't walk around all the time with two six guns, a Winchester and a double barrelled shotgun..... It's a chance to enjoy some cowboy fantasy fun and spurs and cowboys go together.
  19. Ok I've learnt something thanks, they're Ariat boots and I haven't ever heard of a 'spur shelf' before. I might be shelving this plan.
  20. Buckshot Bear


    I don't know anything about spurs and I really mean nothing! I'm looking at these, any thoughts good or bad on these ones? Paired up with these - To match my boots -
  21. I totally get that and can admire the skill, but seeing it over and over again in a show that is a drama and only goes for 40min they are over using it as a filler.
  22. What prescription did he give you for that affliction ?
  23. Doctor: "You'll live to be 60!" Bruce: "I AM BLOODY 60!" Doctor: "See? What did I tell you?"
  24. My favourite show......but it does seem to be losing its way. Said the same thing to my wife last night I'm over the horses and the idiot Jimmy being used a filler.
  25. I just read an article on the dangers of heavy drinking...Scared me. So that's it! After today, no more reading.
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