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  1. Mug shot of Frank McGowan, Robert McFarlane and John Dennis McFarlane, 23 May 1921, Central Police Station, Sydney. Robert McFarlane (the middle man in this trio) is mentioned in the Police Gazette, 7 September 1921 in connection with the theft of 'three clocks, two sports coats and other articles' from the warehouse of Dobson Franks Ltd. He appears in the NSW Criminal Register (24 September 1930) as a 'thief and petty larcenist'. His MO includes visiting foundries with a horse and cart and stealing ingots of iron copper and tin. He also 'steals laundered articles from clothes lines'. He is described as being of 'violent disposition', 'addicted to drink' and is said to associate with 'the vagrant class'. NSW justice and Police Museum
  2. Looks like he's had a steady diet of pizza and McDonalds for ten years....yum yum.
  3. Sounds like an email 'party line' and just as much fun! You need to write on the top of the jewelry receipts "Maybe start to save for a home instead" ? Uber eats receipts "Honey watch your weight, fleeting over the lips a lifetime on the hips". Lab results "Oh my dear, whatever have you been up to"? Car loans "Seriously you bought a XXXX, you don't know much about cars do you honey". It won't be long till she changes her email addy.
  4. That's interesting and caused me to just crank up the A/C a little more
  5. Can someone please tell Summer that Summer is over......and kick Humidity in the nuts while your at it. Thank You
  6. Great stuff and great pic of you both.
  7. There are twice as many kangaroos in Australia as there are people. The kangaroo population is estimated at about 45 million.
  8. Its something that's always worried me, I can fish the salt from my front lawn and have fished hard all my life. The last 10 years I have taken all the barbs off my hooks and everything is catch and release.
  9. They were pretty popular those little vans and those buses.....man were they dangerous....you tripped coming down those back steps and you were out of the road!
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