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  1. Neenish Tart A neenish tart is a tart made with a pastry base and a filling consisting of sweet gelatine-set cream, mock cream, icing sugar paste, or lemon and sweetened condensed milk mixture, with icing on the top of the tart in two colours – brown and pink most commonly. Where did these strange little cakes come from, and why are they so popular? The most popular tale, according to the ABC, is that the neenish tart was invented by a woman called Ruby Neenish in the New South Wales Riverina town of Grong Grong in 1913. The story goes that Ruby was baking for a shower tea when she ran out of cocoa. Thinking on her feet, she iced her tarts with half chocolate, half white icing and they were known forevermore as neenish tarts. A HISTORY OF CLASSIC AUSSIE BAKERY ITEMS
  2. INTERIOR OF A BARK HUT. Early settlement Australia Date and Location unknown
  3. They have no predators except bigger crocs so if they don't get eaten by a bigger one they just keep growing. Thankfully they are only in the top parts of Australia!
  4. These were before my time, anyone ever use a tyre (or for you heathen yanks 'tire' ) groover?
  5. @Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 Wallaby no more
  6. How'd you like to get this team ready in the morning
  7. Quick Aussie Summer 'Sandwich' served cold.
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