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  1. So sorry to hear this, sounds like a real fighter. Praying he continues to fight and the good lord brings peace to his family and him home to them.
  2. Those would look great with some giraffe bone grips. Looks as good as real ivory to me and hard as rock. Cool Pistols congrats.
  3. Is this the right temp range? I'm going to order some. There are a few different options. Thanks
  4. Well it hold the brass good without dropping and cycles well so thats a good 1st step. I need to pick up some fuel and see how the angle is but I think it has enough room.
  5. Will do. I have the next gen version that heats from the other side so it has a bit more give to angle it. I'll get out soon and see what happens. Thanks for the links.
  6. I ordered one to try out, came today. The 45cs really gets worked over so I figured I'd see how it does. The extra wheel set is too wide. I'm going to cut it down and see if it will work.
  7. Would the super short magnum wheel kit work for 45 cowboy special as well?
  8. That is just tragic. Prayers for his family. So sad.
  9. Outdoor limited. Com has some. 139.99 a case.
  10. Is this a good powder for 45 Colt and Cowboy special? I'm getting to the end of my trailboss and wanted to try something else anyway. Thanks.
  11. Love mine, got it from Long Hunters. They have got them figured out, it works amazingly well super smooth drops open immediately. Hammers are stiff but that's not something they work on because of reliability. I actually got the 30 inch barrels cut down to 22 inches. Lots of practice and the hammers are getting better. If you want it as fast as it can be send it to them.
  12. I was all set to buy a new truck last year and then saw the astronomical prices. It's crazy out there. Instead I put all that down payment into turning my 71 F100 into a modern muscle pro touring truck. Full frame off, new coil over suspension no more I beam. Power disk brakes all around and a new T5 5 speed transmission. Sticking with the 302 sb for now but have a coyote conversion in the works down the road. Going to have it back soon just waiting on the wheels and tires.
  13. I'm back in TN early after my surgery and plan on coming down one day to watch and take it all in. Can't pick up anything more than a milk jug I'm told for another month so no shooting this year for me dang it. What day would ya'll say is best Sat? Thanks looking forward to it.
  14. Welcome to Tennessee!!! Wish all the other thousands of people moving here were SASS folks.
  15. Take the question and pictures over to the Colt SAA forum. You will get excellent information as they are experts. Nice folks too. I am a forum member. Definitely will help to find out the engraver. I've seen a ton of engraved Colts over there and none lose any value due to engraving unless amateur. As long as the ivory is on the gun you can sell cross states no problem.
  16. Love mine too, great shooter I got to match up my old smokewagon with the no safety features. Just about identical had them both shipped out for a color case job, blue screw package and action job just for the hell of it. It's on the right.
  17. Update. Both of us were discharged from the hospital yesterday and the docs couldn't be happier with the way it is all going. I am so happy and my step dad looks like a new man already!! We will be staying close to Dallas for a few weeks for check ups. Hopefully I can get home to my family in TN within a month. I miss them something awful. Thank you all, prayer is so powerful.
  18. UPDATE. Surgery was yesterday and the doctors and surgeons for both my step Dad And I said it couldn't have gone any smoother. We are both recovering well aside from some pain that was to be expected. Hoping to be out of the hospital by the 1st of next week and his new liver takes without rejection. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. God is so good, what a blessing he has given us.
  19. Well I think instead of catching a plane to Dallas for surgery tomorrow I'm going to get my gear together and make my 1st Wartrace Regulators match. I've been wanting to for a while, I'm sure it will cheer me up.
  20. Well an unfortunate update as I did indeed get West Nile virus at some point last month. Two different test came back positive this time and there is no doubt. All I can do is stay positive, no pun intend at this point and realize it is a blessing they caught this before surgery. While I can't pass this along like a cold or flu it is transmitted through blood or organ donation. With my step dad on immune suppressing medicine it could have gone bad quick. The Lord knows best. We will regroup and try again. Another good thing is it may not be delayed all that long. Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers.
  21. Thank you all for your prayers, heading out now for testing. I will keep ya'll informed. Testing could take a few days to come back and with the surgery scheduled for next Monday there's not a moment to spare.
  22. So I'm not one to ask for much but I could use all the prayers I can get at this point. I have been trying to donate a part of my liver to my step dad. I have gone through all the tests this past year and was considered a good candidate. We had a date scheduled for February 7th a fitting date in my opinion it was my biological father's birthday which 10 year early I had donated one of my kidneys. He has since passed but lived long enough to meet a couple grandkids that I will forever be grateful for. That date got delayed unfortunately after a test for covid came up positive 48 hours before our surgery. Fast forward 6 weeks surgery scheduled for the 4th of April. This time around a west nile virus test was ordered and guess what I tested positive. In the middle of winter no mosquitoes that I no of here in TN and this. I am scheduled for two different tests at two different labs tomorrow to confirm or hopefully prove a false positive. If positive a minimum of 120 days before we could reschedule. My step dad needs this now, 120 days is too long. I believe the lord is in control and knows all. I am a blessed man living a life I know I don't deserve. I also fully believe in prayer and it's power.
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