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  1. Cherokee Slim,


    That is a fine looking holster.  I'm looking for one to carry a Ruger Old Army with a 7.5" barrel with adjustable sights.  It looks like your holster might fit my ROA.  How much are you looking to get out of it?


    Buckeye Pete

  2. J Bar,


    Due to medical issues, I might be thinning the herd and/or retiring from CAS.  My primary match guns used to be a matched set of Ruger Old Model Vaqueros in stainless, 4 5/8 barrels and .44-40 caliber.  They have the original boxes and stuff you find in the boxes.  The only things done were a set of wolf springs and gunfighter grips.  I've only shot black powder in them.  They are in good condition..


    I know that you stay up on prices, what would you think they could/would sell for?


    Buckeye Pete

    1. Three Foot Johnson

      Three Foot Johnson

      In '06 & '07, I bought three blue 4 5/8" .44-40 Vaqueros for $300, $300, and $350. I sold them in '08 & '09 for $450 and $925 for a pair. I sold a 5 1/2" stainless version to a cousin last year for $550, but he's family and already had a matching one. I've still got three blue 5 1/2"ers, and they would bring $600 ea easily enough. There's a stainless 4 5/8"er on Gunbroker right now with no reserve and five days to go currently at $456, and it'll go up, of course. A blued 7 1/2"er is priced at $950, Buy It Now, and a 4 5/8" blued is priced at $950, Buy It Now - both from the same seller. Another 7 1/2" blued one is priced at $1050, Buy It Now. Someone's going to have to really, really, really want one of these to pay $950 and $1050, used. Start high - you can always come down!

    2. Buckeye Pete, SASS # 29941

      Buckeye Pete, SASS # 29941

      J Bar,


      I was thinking somewhere in the $1300 to $1400 range would be a fair deal.  Thanks for the assessment!


      Buckeye Pete

    3. Slippery Pete, SASS #40726

      Slippery Pete, SASS #40726

      I'm looking for a pair. I was thinking around 1200 for a pair. If you do decide let me know. If you can get more and you might good for you. I'm not on here very often so you'd have to email me. Slipperypete9@yahoo.com

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