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  1. "MILAN"....That really cool city in Italia that is famous for armor.
  2. Where does a slide action Lightning/Thunderbolt fall in their laws?
  3. It is alleged that I've answered "unknown caller" a time or three with: Arkham Insane Asylum Warden Joker speaking, how might I be of assistance?
  4. Well at least on of them has an in with Saint Joseph of Cupertino. I still have the medallion I was given in 1987 that I wear everytime I board an aerial conveyance.
  5. When in doubt, let your lizard brain decide.....unless your inner lizard is Barney.
  6. Compared too NYC, it's as if there are vending machines on every corner dispensing arms...... now if only there were ones that had primers!
  7. If you look back at articles on the internet about about "Big Iron" you'll see Great Western frame, 9.5" barrel from a Marlin (no where does it say a .45 Marlin), and Army grip; that's it. The only person that knows for sure now what it looks like is the collector that owns it. I think it was mis-attributed as a .45 after Robbins told the story to a few people but it was actually a 44-40; but that's just my opinion. Also, almost anyone can edit wiki pages.
  8. That reads suspiciously like "green-think"....
  9. Sent you a PM for a LGS that has/had one.
  10. I think Dale is going for "Cowboy casual"; so it is a smooth transition from work to honkey-tonk. Now we have a nice lady here where I work in the maintenance department; on Fridays she wears a colorful and tailored coverall (she does electronics, so no dirt, grease, etc) and at the end of tour pops into the ladies locker room, then back out with full face, high heels, and "stepping out" hair added to the coveralls. Pretty much what Dale does I think.
  11. Now I just got my 2nd dose of Pfizer, but I swear when I read the title of this thread there was no "og" at the end of one word...... However, I do agree that a quality plug-in nondigital clock would be nice to have again.
  12. At least it will actually be 16oz and not just 12oz! It really is worth it to have to hand for a lazy weekend; I'm into the BB roast.
  13. Ought to be T.I.E fighters....just sayin'
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