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  1. Could it be he got a job where "everything's sixes"? That can mean "it's all good", or "boring", or even "contented" depending on context. NVM...you said "poem" which implies you read it so the probability of an auditory disconnect is low.
  2. I ALWAYS tell people to head for Pensacola Beach on the Gulf over the Atlantic coast; that said... My favorites on the Atlantic side are Hunting Island State Park in SC (cabins, trailer/RV, and tent camping) or as second choice Skidway Island State Park, GA which has the same as the first but just less of it
  3. As I read the entirety of the article and some side searches on the fair doctor, it clearly comes across has she has self diagnosed herself as being mentally aberrant....thus she is should be red-flagged for ownership of a firearm.
  4. Do you have a T-72 hidden in the garage?
  5. You want unique? Do want a challenge? Desire to have people remember you? Well here is the answer:
  6. Same logic as behind the Soviet KV-2 tank...... "Comrade Stalin likes it!"
  7. When you get too old (may that day be many seasons away!) for that cart, I call "dibs" on it!
  8. Will a Colt 3rd gen barrel thread pitch match an Uberti's? I'm pretty sure the answer is "no" but ask for certainty.
  9. I'm not sure to praise you or cuss you; for I'm now inspired for a zombie Halloween outfit....braaainz!
  10. A couple of those old beauties would be perfect for SteamPunk gun carts.....Okay, too much rye & soda for me tonight I think.
  11. BTT....come on it's Friday, don't leave a pard lonely on a Friday night!
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