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  1. I'd like a few 38's also if you ever make some more. They look great. Thanks
  2. Howdy Pardners, I'm new to SASS and not sure if this is the right forum or even if I should be posting stuff like this on SASS at all. I had the following problem with PayPal about a gun I sold on Gun Broker that I think might impact others in our association. I recently bought a couple of cowboy guns, primers, and powder on Gun Broker because I couldn't find it anywhere else. A lot of the stuff I paid for with Pay Pal and never thought anything about it. To help pay for my new hobby, I sold 3 guns on Gun Broker and one of them was done with Pay Pal. All 100% legal
  3. Howdy

    I didn’t see my PM show up here. If you’re still selling the vest - I’d like it. 

    1. Hellbender


      You got it.  My inbox was full and I just emptied it.  I'll send you a PM now with details.



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