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  1. Thank you to those who sent me brass for my pens.  I have for sale here 2 pens, a full size ballpoint and a pocket fountain pen.

    These are "Jimmy Pens" named after my grandfather, 


    The ballpoint takes Schmidt short capless or retro 51 refills.  One blue Schmidt comes installed in the pen. The cap posts magnetically.

    $40 +shipping


    The pocket fountain pen has a kaweco nib unit and takes short international cartridges only (comes with 5) The cap has a slip fit to post.

    $45 + shipping. 


    Buy both for and I'll ship for free.


    Willing to accept trades for 45 colt brass or dies. Or other reloading equipment.




  2. Update,

    I think I found enough Brass from the people below for now, I'll open it back up if not.  feel free to PM me if you are interested in one of these pens otherwise I'll probably put some up here on classifieds once I get the brass in and turn out a few more.  God Bless.


    Hey All,

    I've taken a break from the forum for a bit as I realized after my last match that fixing up my kit for another match was going to require more that I am able to put forth at this time.  In the meantime, I developed a few pens made from spent brass.  I need more 45-70 and 45 Colt brass to make more pens.  I may be able to buy some quantities outright but would be happy to trade a pen for brass if anyone is interested.  If you want to buy a pen, feel free to PM me, I may post some for sale If I get enough brass that I have a surplus.  


    Warm Regards,

        El CupAJoe








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  3. 12 hours ago, I. M. Crossdraw, SASS# 8321 said:

    Not legal.  But a Full Buckhorn might work.  

    thanks for the advice, I have a hard time judging my aiming point with the standard Rossi sights, groups seem way to large, I'd say it's just my shooting, but I've had others try it with the same results, both factory ammo and reloads.


  4. Hey Guys,

       this has probably been answered before, but I'm trying to upgrade my sights on my Rossi 92, mostly for hunting, and I was wondering if this is legal per the handbook, I couldn't tell by reading the handbook, so I figured someone must have asked already and had a ruling on it.  please advise.



  5. 23 hours ago, J-BAR #18287 said:

    What could be used to plug 2 chambers to make it legal for bird hunting?

    My first gun was a rossi circuit judge, as a newbie, I thought that i could economize and get a do anything gun that would work for light game, home defense, plinking and maybe deer... it was a good experience in what didn't work for me and I traded it before too long.


    as far as plugging two chambers, the rossi came with a double chamber plug that was held together by an arc of plastic that resembled a 2 shot semi-moon clip.

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  6. On 7/24/2022 at 3:21 AM, Alpo said:

    Been there.


    Been there when they found the flashlight in the nose, also. FAA was not amused.


    I found a Leatherman in the engine compartment of a Huey. But, as it was unmarked, and appeared to have been there for quite some time, I just stuck in my pocket and went on with life.




    One of them Hueys, so I didn't think it mattered none.

    I was with a pilot friend about to take a ride and we decided to taxi back to the hanger because the engine didn't seem to be making power... found a squirrel's nest in the air intake... spent the rest of the next few days walking around the hanger with a .22...


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  7. On 4/27/2022 at 7:09 PM, Buckshot Bear said:


    Yep we have some packed away somewhere as well. I wonder if the craze will ever kick off again.....probably not as young kids are too interested in screen time on their phones now.

    OG fidget spinner

  8. 4 hours ago, Alpo said:

    The first part of that - the guy with the camera in the helicopter - reminded me greatly of my mother-in-law.


    She would cuss. But some words were unacceptable. She would use the evil S word - the vulgar term for feces - but if I were to use the evil F word - the vulgar term for sexual intercourse - she would get very upset.


    That never made sense to me. Either you cuss, or you don't.

    having moved to Kenya in 8th grade, I knew better than to use American cuss words, but I happily picked up most of the British exclusive cuss words while there.  

  9. On 1/24/2022 at 7:52 PM, DocWard said:


    I'm just going to say Mrs. Doc is a '66 model, if you will... She looks far younger than her. 

    66 is less than 67... :P

    On 1/24/2022 at 2:42 PM, Alpo said:

    I wonder sometimes if I'm the only one that ever does the math in a joke.


  10. On 9/28/2021 at 5:31 AM, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:





     ...... actually, me place is right near the coast, about in line with the middle of the "...... politicians" and between the sharks



    sooo, where on this map are the drop bears?

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