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  1. Thank you for your thoughts on Suntan, I will pass them on to his family. Palmetto
  2. Thank you for your thoughts of Suntan. He was a special man and my Best Friend.
  3. Suntan Kid SASS #5022 Life Regulator July 21, 1936 – November 22, 2020 Robert “Bob” Lenari (Suntan Kid) passed away after a short illness on November 22nd. He was my best Friend and a long time SASS shooter and worker. I met Suntan and his wife Dances with Cats in December 1992, a Sunday morning, in Tampa Florida at the first meeting of the soon to be Cigar City Shooters at the Tampa Police Range. Both of us being from Sarasota, with a love of Cowboy shooting, we became close friends over the years. We belonged together to the Cigar City Shooter, later the Doodle Hill Regulators and the Myakka Misfits. We also shot at the Arcadia range and at the club in Orlando and many of the Florida Champion matches in Orlando. Suntan was always the first one to lend a hand either setting up or closing down. Suntan never left a range with props left to be put away. He joined the Manatee County Range where the Misfits fired so he could mow our part of the range as membership required working each month. Suntan had a workshop in his basement, and I remember the three Dillon Square Deal reloaders set up in a row. All set for 45 Long Colt but each one for a different bullet. Suntan had an air pistol range set up in his house so he could practice shooting. He was a great shooter and a great supported of SASS in Florida. Without members like Suntan, SASS shooting would not have gained the foothold it did back in the early days in this State. Life for many of us will never be the same since Suntan took that last ride into the sunset. Palmetto Kid, SASS343, Life, Regulator
  4. That was the year I joined SASS, 1988. There were 26 members in Florida at the time.
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