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  1. Hi. Abilene, I have Booyah Bullets. I live close to Dodge City Mike. My mistake may have been that I'm trying to shoot a 240 grain SWC. The recoil doesn't bother me. It's actually pretty light. I've used Titegroup, Red Dot, and Trail Boss. The issue is that they hit the target pretty hard. One left a descent ding in the metal. I'm looking to not tear up the targets. So I'm guessing I'm trying to toss to heavy amount of lead.
  2. I have 44 Vaquero's and a 94 Marlin. I've tried different combinations but haven't found the sweet spot. My loads just seem to hot. I have a lot of Magnum brass. I really don't want to switch to Special. Does anyone have a good recipe for 44 Magnum Cowboy loads?
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