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  1. I've found that you can use a steel feeler gauge to remove Uberti end caps. Use the thickest one that will fit tight in the slot sideways, thirty thousand is what I think I use. Turn it with a large pair of vice-grips clamped tight as close to the cap as you can get them. you just have to crack it loose.Easy to remove after that. JW Nish
  2. My 1st was I believe in 1966. The day after my 16th birthday, you had to be 16 to purchase a rifle/shotgun, 18 for a pistol in Calif then. I bought a Ruger 1022, same day out to the desert and shot 4 bricks through it that day. 22 long rifles were 52 cents each, gas was 24.9 a gallon then, good times. Just a guess but over the years a least 2 hundred thousand give or take thru the rifle. The guys I ran around with then would go out just past Phelan, by El Mirage dry lake you could shoot anything out there then. We found an 400 acre irrigated aflfa field out there surrounded by desert on three sides. We would blast Jacks all morning not uncommon to get 75 to 100 each by noon. Met the farmer one day he asked us "What the F we were doing? "Just shooting Jacks," we replied "You need any shells?" After that we would call before we went out and there would a brick or two of 22's on the fence post for us. The Ruger is still working the fine nothing ever broke except the mags. JW Nish
  3. They still have them in stock this morning @ 6pm est, 1st I've sen in months. JWNish
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