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  1. I was stationed at Cam Ranh Bay in the late & 60's, the NCOIC of shop was named Colonel Major. We thought it was funny to have a SSGT addressed as SGT Major at the commanders calls. J W Nish
  2. Nikki attended the 2021 Ohio State SASS match this weekend. She was the official unloading bench monitor for posse #4, as you can she followed all of the SASS safety guidelines, eye and ear protection. She also wore her dress-up outfit for the Sunday safety meeting. She is from Georgia, she travels with The Cardboard Cowboy & Foxy Filly what a fantastic couple to shoot with. We had a Great shoot. J W Nish.
  3. Just ordered a couple of Lee molds that midway has in stock now. P/N 358-125-RF $54 & $28. I shoot a lot of these, just got back into casting, Covid and all the BS that goes along with it. These were 1/2 the price of anybody I saw on the NET. JWN
  4. I always enjoyed shooting with Blackjack, most of my pards are in your posse now. RIP BJ.
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