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  1. Just thought Donny was his real name, sorry assumed we’re talking about Bowzer
  2. He better jump all over Wikipedia then because they say he’s anything but a conservative https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Bauman
  3. At this point that’s really got nothing to do with it , it’s about strong arming business and reporting people as a danger to society if they spend too much on what the socialists/communists/fascists determine is too much. if you’ve ever bought a gun where a background check was run on you or have purchased a hunting license , belonged to the NRA , they have a pretty good idea you have guns. That’s all they really need to know, they will find out how many and where they are when they come to visit. I put Gunsmith on my income tax return for over 10 years of my life, I’m tagged. Just about every one who has a firearm is already labeled. This is just a tool they will use to limit and take away your rights. Incremental steps
  4. Technology changes , while people remain the same
  5. So we just need to give the United States a unappealing name
  6. This guy is a lawyer who specializes in firearms law , his perspective is interesting
  7. There Nambu U I had a friend who has since passed who collected Japanese WW2 guns . If I remember correctly the papa and baby were pretty pricey
  8. Wasn't he famous for being able to stick his entire fist in his mouth? Or am I think of someone else
  9. All I know is I’d be really po’ed if I had that much into it and it wasn’t. But I’m never going to have to worry about that. Unless I have a rich relative I don’t know about or hit the lotto. But I guess first I’d need to play
  10. Here’s a woman’s view, be it a woman who shoots better than 99% of the population
  11. You have to have allot more $$ than I do to play this game. Hope it’s real for the buyers sake https://www.mitchellrepublic.com/news/the-vault/wild-bill-hickoks-deadwood-gun-gets-a-buyer-nearly-150-years-after-the-legendary-gunslinger-was-slain
  12. It’s a multi pronged attack. Yet another way the federal government is using private business to squeeze the gun industry
  13. Tater tots and the infamous tri tater were staples in the school lunch line
  14. The rinos will but there are a couple that will follow through If the elections go well this fall . You get the government you deserve. In the past they wouldn’t have even done this. Keep getting rid of people like Cheney and McConnell and things will have a chance to get better.
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