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  1. If you keep their little hat on them supposedly the feed lips don’t spread and it’s supposed to keep debris out . Sig is big on the lancer’s, supposedly that’s what’s coming with the new Spear rifle sig is selling to the taxpayers . For the money Magpul is hard to beat , if you want to spend some money I think HK makes some steel ones . I have quite a few Magpul glock mags and have never had a problem with them. But if I’m going to rely on the gun for protection I always use a glock mag.
  2. Lancer makes ones with metal feed lips molded in https://lancer-systems.com/product/l7awm-25-magazine/ I have Magpul and Lancer mags in 223 and 308 . I honestly have never had a problem with either, but I do think the lancer is more robust. https://gunmagwarehouse.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=AR10
  3. Well on the bright side this is some real crime the ATF can work on rather than violating citizens rights. Unless Forty Rods theory is correct, but even then it gives them something to cover up like fast and furious , so if they are doing that they aren't harassing people for buying things that they said are legal then changed their minds and decided it’s illegal.
  4. They do a pretty good job of explaining bullet obturation https://missouribullet.com/technical.php
  5. I love a good conspiracy theory
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