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  1. Here’s an explanation of 1st vs 2nd focal plane. Both have their advantages and disadvantages https://www.rifleshootermag.com/editorial/first-focal-plane-vs-second-focal-plane-scopes/460483 If you’re a military sniper or playing a shooting game I can see the advantages to a 1st focal plane but personally for hunting I honestly prefer a 2nd focal plane. But I’m simply not going to take a rushed long range shot hunting. Everyone’s theory’s and how the go about things vary
  2. For a production rifle the advantages I see in the creedmore, and many of the newer cartridges that they have set the manufacturer specs much tighter for these new cartridges and chambers also the faster twist rates allow the use of the heavier weight higher bc bullets. For someone who’s going to buy a factory rifle and especially the person who doesn’t reload the newer cartridges offer a big advantage just because they’ve shrunk the allowable tolerances vs something like the Swede. But in a custom application it’s all up to the builder how good it will be. But honestly for the majority of hunters out there you can probably go buy a Ruger American rifle “or another manufacturers lower end rifle” put a cheap Leupold/Vortex, etc… scope on it and buy a couple different boxes of factory ammo to find out what shoots best in it , and kill all the big game you want out to 500 yards. It’s amazing how well the the new factory guns and ammunition are compared to 30 years ago. We truly are living the golden age of firearms right now.
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