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  1. It always amazed me how much everything cost when I lived in CA , and although wages were more, they weren’t that much more. But wine was always cheap, I can remember walking into Safeway and they always had boxes and boxes of cheap wine. Maybe that’s why Fred G Sanford always loved his champiple
  2. I realize she is. There’s just too few of her kind in politics right now , thus why I think nothing will happen at this point . Although I am glad she’s pointing it out . Hopefully the citizens of this country will start paying more attention. Wether you like Trump or not his getting elected really did expose how corrupt both parties are.
  3. It’s really hard to go wrong with any of the Mec machines. They all work well and the company takes care of its customers. You just need to define what you want out of the press and what your willing to spend . I’ve always viewed them as the middle of the road press , it’s certainly not a chevette but it’s definitely not a caddy. Mec makes something to fit everyone’s budget , and if maintained it will last a lifetime
  4. It’s sweet, sometimes when the power goes out I hardly notice. I still have my old reliable gas generator and transfer switch if this one ever has problems. The one I put in starts up once a week charges it’s battery . Does it’s own diagnostic. I ran it off of propane when I first got it “before we had ng” . All that’s needed to switch it back and forth is pulling a jumper to run ng .So as long as I have access to ng, propane or gas I’ve got juice. I have a buddy that works for Consumers power and apparently they have allot of excess ng stored in caves in the UP. The price may go up like everything else but at least according to him we would have to have a pretty major disruption to run out.
  5. I live out in the country but luckily have ng , best thing I ever did .
  6. Passing a law like that would take away one of the tools in their tool box to take away your rights without passing a law . And as you say reduce their income. So it’s definitely not in their best interest
  7. It’s sorta like 9mm vs 45 . The 223 certainly has killed allot of people. I used to work with a Vietnam vet who loved his M16 . I’ve spoken with gulf war vets that love them although many have said it takes 3 to truly anchor someone. The military seems to feel the need for more gun with the adoption of the new sig. I guess if it’s worked for you, you will trust it . My father still won’t carry anything but a 1911 in 45, and says if he needed a rifle again it would be a Garand. He hates the M1 carbine , but once again I’ve talked to WW2 and Korean vets that loved them. Having bow hunted since I was 12 , and seeing that has about the lowest amount of energy of any thing your going to use to kill a deer I’m going with shot placement as the key. But I gotta admit more gun can possibly make up for marginal shot placement, probably why 12ga buckshot is so popular up close
  8. I like them both, I have a AR15 with a 20” heavy bbl on it, in 223. It’s great for vermin. It doesn’t even move when you touch it off, so you can see the woodchuck explode.
  9. This is the kind of abuse the POF guns can withstand
  10. I’m just trying to be an enabler . I just see this as a great advancement for the AR10 , the Rogue is POF’s cheaper and lighter di version, but still $1800 . The thing weighs just under 6lb with a 16.5 in bbl. For years people have been trying to jam all kinds of cartridges into a AR15 to get a more capable cartridge. This design solves allot of problems. At Rugers price point I’m guessing they will initially be pretty hard to find . I’m also wondering if they will cut into enough of the the other manufacturers AR10 sales . Sig, Daniel Defense, etc…. , that it will cause them to either discontinue what they are currently making or come out with a competitive gun. With the amount of AR manufacturers anymore if Rugers sales are brisk I would think someone would pick up the ball and run with it.
  11. I think they save the lead paint for our children’s toys
  12. Maybe he just needed to taste real meat again . Or this fake meat thing is the start of the zombie apocalypse
  13. This is a good video about the evolution of the rifle, this was made before POF offered di guns . he also goes over magazines for Pat
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