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  1. Just like a baby version of 45 cowboy https://www.federalpremium.com/handgun/syntech/syntech-action-pistol/11-AE9SJAP1.html If they come out with a convertible in a gun I want I’d give them some $$
  2. I’ve got a S&W M&P 2.0 compact in 9mm, that’s a mouthful compared to Glock 19
  3. Does anyone know if the Taylor’s Remingtons have a fp safety like the Colt copies ?
  4. I’d be more likely to buy one if it was a convertible, maybe next years limited edition. They always need something to bait you in the next year
  5. My thought is you will probably always be able to find ammunition and a 9mm case shot in a revolver with a cowboy velocity loading will probably last forever
  6. If you’re interested in a Remington reopro https://www.shootingwire.com/releases/b06d5247-889d-4398-9ba1-418938e3eba0
  7. Here’s the story A true gunsmithing project here via @thebiguglyone! "So a customer comes in and asks if we work on old revolvers. I said that our gun plumbers do and asked what he had. He tells me that his friend wanted us to fix his old Smith and Wesson and had him drop it off. Anyone who has worked at a gun shop knows this is going to be good, anyway he pulls it out of his jacket and shows us this beautiful 1945 pre model 10 with, as I put on the repair ticket, 'slight barrel issues' plus the cylinder was stuck. We count 12 bullets stacked nose to butts the full length of the barrel. Upon freeing the cylinder with a few taps of the mighty thumb detector, we pull out 6 shell casings of squib loads
  8. These pics are from the Brownells FB page
  9. I’m buying it for 9mm, maybe some 38 target loads, I have enough Solo 1000 for cowboy loads to last me the rest of my lifetime. It was my favorite shotgun powder when I used to shoot sporting clays. I just thought if anyone likes powder that’s about the same burning rate as unique,”which I’ve seen a number of people say they like on this forum” you probably won’t find powder much cheaper. And if Russia really gets going in the spring and the powder plants gear up to supply Ukraine I can imagine the civilian market will take a big hit. I just read an article the other day they are using munitions at a faster rate right now than we have the ability to produce on a daily basis in the US. Great for companies like General Dynamics. Not so great for target shooters. So I guess it will depend on how much the rest of the NATO contingent are willing to kick in. Hopefully it doesn’t happen but there’s no sense not being covered if it does.
  10. There’s plenty of load data available. It looks great for 9mm, “what I’m buying it for” and 38, 45 acp , and I paid about $10 bucks less per pound than the going rate for Winchester powder, no shipping, just hazmat. Plus I ordered some 3N37 they also have on sale to spread the hazmat out more. How do you try new powders without buying them ? I’m just asking if anyone has tried it, especially in cowboy loads which are many times below recommended minimum. This is a newer Winchester powder, it came out in 2018, not some old reclaimed powder.
  11. BTW Graff has free shipping if you order before midnight tonight
  12. Anyone here used it ? I was in a local shop the other day and noticed that all the powder was at least $40 a pound and up to $55, and this place is usually priced pretty fairly. So I was ordering a few things at Graff&sons and came across this https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/76228 I did a little research and it’s right next to unique on the burn rate chart , it has the copper eraser additive like CFE pistol. I know I should have asked this question before I bought it, but with the way things are going I don’t know the next time we’re gonna see powder for $25 a pound I picked it up mostly for 9mm but it looks like it might do ok for some cowboy loads
  13. People bought pet rocks once, at least this makes more sense, at least to me. I guess our differences are what keeps things interesting
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