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  1. I expected this post to be about Brandon
  2. Hopefully they are just plugging in a refrigerator, not trying to back feed their house or plug in a half dozen space heaters, a couple houses could put a heck of a load on his generator. Personally if the neighbors need to keep warm I would just invite them over, now that you pointed that out you never know what they might attempt.
  3. I’m betting his has an automatic transfer switch. That’s how mine is set up , power goes off and about 5 or 10 seconds later you have power again. When I used a portable generator I had and still do have a panel wired in just for that. But you are correct if you back feed and don’t turn off the main you could kill a lineman. Those transformers don’t care what way the flow is they can step up as easily as down
  4. I think the majority of polls are intended to convince people how to think/vote. Too many people are too easily manipulated. Look at advertising campaigns, it’s not much different, at least that’s what 9 out of 10 doctors tell me
  5. The night of one of my buddies bachelor party about 30 years ago there was a big train derailment and a forced evacuation. Chemical spill. There will a few drunks resisting, the cops said in no uncertain terms to get the most sober people behind the wheel and leave. I worked in the Chemical Industry for over 25 years, if there’s a spill most of the time you really don’t want to stay . Even if police weren’t giving the reason for the evacuation I’m not sure I would want to stick around to find out why, unless they are taking my guns and trying to load me on a train car.
  6. You don’t have to worry, now that you have a generator the power won’t go off for the rest of the winter. Tell your neighbors to thank you
  7. Last of the Mohicans was pre revolutionary war so I couldn’t qualify that as a western. I guess I think about it in the terms of the great western expansion. So post civil war? I think an argument could be made for any time after the Louisiana purchase
  8. Lewis was a pretty good Hawkeye, the version with him in it is one of my favorites, but I think you’re right. It’s kinda pre western
  9. I’m surprised how little Tom Selleck gets mentioned in any of these videos
  10. Here’s his top 20 so he can make you twice as miserable
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