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  1. Sometimes it can be a disappointment with jacketed bullets also. I usually start by measuring the bullets to see what I can expect. I’ve measured some bullets from some pretty reputable manufacturers that weren’t that consistent base to ogive. And there’s quite a few that have varying measurements from ogive to tip. I get your point on tempering your expectations based on your components. They usually have as much or more to do with consistency as your equipment. I’ve seen bench rest shooters shoot some pretty tiny groups loading right there at their bench with a hand press . It was nice to see TFJ got what I would consider pretty good results for handgun ammo on a progressive press . I never have been able to get the consistency out of my Dillon that I can out of my rock chucker which has always led me to believe a rigid setup is better. But there’s an awful lot of people that love the Forester press where the die floats, so who knows.
  2. Can they be shipped in from the US ? Or is that illegal for you there? Here in the US the postal service has if it fits it ships boxes. I’m sure they hate the cast bullet manufacturers. It’s actually quite affordable for the weight you’re shipping. You could contact Scarlett and see if she ships to Canada https://bulletsbyscarlett.com/shop
  3. Fiocchi is first rate ammo so I would suspect their components are the same . When I used to shoot sporting clays I shot allot of their target ammo and liked it as well as Remington greens or AA . And to this day I’ve never found a better load for pheasant than their golden pheasant load . Many of their hunting loads and buck shot use nickel plated shot, they almost always were one of the best patterning loads in my guns
  4. Have you done any measurements of how consistent oal is ?
  5. Also a guy in the six pac pro FB group I joined has one of these, for the person that hates the bottle on the auto drum powder measure or any Lee powder measure. Looking at people’s results on YouTube it’s surprising how accurate these inexpensive powder measures are . One video the guy threw over 100 charges and put them in a spreadsheet to compare. He did get heavier charges when the bottle was full than nearly mt. This powder hopper is made of Pyrex and has a baffle in it, which would hopefully help with the charge variance vs bottle fill level, plus will hold a pound of powder. The only drawback is the hopper costs more than the powder measure . https://dramworx.com/lee/ He also makes one for the RCBS charge master. I know some people complain of static buildup and he claims this helps getting rid of the plastic hopper
  6. Yes , you can seat/crimp In station 5 or just seat then use the carbide factory crimp die in station 6 . This is the way I have seen most set up so far but obviously setups will vari with user 1 size decapp 2 prime , flare case, powder drop 3 you preferred powder check die 4 bullet feeder 5 seat bullet 6 factory crimp die
  7. Ever since I got a APP press, thanks to the review by Warden Callaway. I size and/or deprime on the APP then wet tumble. Then I have a hand primer I like, I’ve found this to be a more satisfactory way for myself while using my Dillion 550 or Rock Chucker. The priming system on both work fairly well but I’ve never been in love with either. I highly doubt I will ever use the priming function on the six pack but you never know. The cost of the APP press is really in the accessories. I’ve found it works great for de priming, swaging primer pockets and sizing bullets, I haven’t used for it yet but I did get the bulge buster kit for it also . I may well start using it also for processing 9mm/40s&w brass just to get rid of any oversized area the die can’t get to. I did purchase a couple sets of the locking bushings. I also think they are the way to go with this press. Using a spanner wrench I find they swap quite easily. I like the spanner much better than the wrench Lee provides. So far I’ve only messed with some dummy rounds but hopefully I’ll have it running soon, my bullet feeder should be here next week.
  8. They definitely give up their hide easier when they are warm. That tallow turns to glue when it’s cold, my chainfall is the front end loader on the tractor or the excavator, I usually try to bury the gut pile to deny the coyotes an easy meal. Honestly the last few years i just gut them and take them to the processor. There’s a local guy by our hunting camp that does a fantastic job for a reasonable price.
  9. I also enjoy the sight seeing. Although I do try to avoid the hours of peak congestion. Years ago for a couple years my wife and I both worked afternoon shift and would sometimes meet up after work to grocery shop. You can certainly run into some interesting people in these big box stores at 2am.
  10. One guy I know claims you have to wait until there is a grey fuzz growing on the inside of the rib cage . I’m an asap guy. I usually hang by the neck until it’s time to skin them, then the gambrel hook comes out. Most buck poles my area hang them upside down but I suspect that’s more about viewing the antlers.
  11. I think it’s just a matter of convenience, I don’t know if it’s the same in every state but here I haven’t seen any of the grocery stores that offer all of the items that are in the store online and at some of them “not all” you pay a premium for curbside pickup, the online items sometimes cost slightly more. I know a few people that get allot of their groceries from Amazon. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Technology and marketing will continue to change how we live, but one thing is for certain businesses would not be offering these services if it wasn’t putting more to the bottom line. To me it’s no different than going to McDonald’s drive through. You’re paying for convenience. I can go to a sit down restaurant and get a meal for the same $$. It just isn’t as fast but imoh the food at the sit down restaurant is almost always better. Personally I like to pick my own fruits, vegetables, meat but if I can get tp, canned goods, condiments, etc… delivered by Amazon for the same price or less I have no problem with that. I do have to say I’m still of the opinion that it could hurt a community to not have full service grocery stores, I know they only offer a couple days of groceries but in times of trouble it’s still better than being completely dependent upon on time delivery that isn’t always on time, so in that aspect we may be our own worst enemies.
  12. Masks were never necessary, yet I still see people wearing them. Just think of it as a big social experiment. That movie with Sylvester Stallone where no one has physical contact is coming true. The kids are never gonna leave mom & dad’s basement now. Except to go pick up their curbside order
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