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  1. https://www.cdnnsports.com/rugerr-sfrtm-308-16in.html they also have a couple 5 1/2 45 Vaqueros in stock
  2. Since when some of our government officials started pressuring the shipping companies to change their policies.
  3. Our government officials at work once again, pressuring businesses to implement their agenda for them.
  4. One of the reasons they want the 80% guns gone, and to force all private sales to go through a FFL. Registration just leads to confiscation
  5. My BIL is from England and when his relatives come over and start talking amongst themselves I can sometimes have a difficult time understanding them . When their drunk , forget it, it really is a different language
  6. I normally carry a 2011 style gun. So I’m used to operating the thumb safety. If I carry something that doesn’t have one it’s no big problem. So I have about a dozen backup guns
  7. He has links to the atf documents , states it in the video. Plus how much news have you watched in your lifetime that wasn’t wasted time ? I posted it because it sure seems the atf is far more active with the Brandon administration being installed. And the fact you might always want to ask to see a warrant. And just say no if they don’t have one. My little sister is a lawyer and used to be a PA . One of the things she has always told me is you never consent to a search under any circumstances.
  8. This was circulating around work a few years ago . It caused a couple people to have to visit HR . There was a little more colorful language on the version that we had . It’s a classic
  9. It actually has decent production quality. And allot of bloody special effects. It kinda has that Desperado feeling. The one with Antonio Banderas
  10. I guess it’s what a western would be if Quintin Tarantino did it . Maybe natural born killers goes Wild Wild West. The only excuse I can give for watching the whole thing is it’s kinda like trying to drive buy a car accident without looking. And I got Covid again and am quarantining til Monday. I honestly don’t understand how YouTube shows this and bans some of the other things it does. Its called Outlaws and Angels . But there’s no Angels in it
  11. Check out the scope mount they had to make to sight the gun in , that’s more like artillery
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