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  1. 5 hours ago, Cypress Sun said:

    That's none other than Santa Rosa Slinger. He is a great pard to posse with and multi-talented. Shot with him last Saturday. 

    Thank you for the kind words, Cypress Sun! I'm glad that you let me know that this was posted here in the Saloon too... I hadn't really ventured over to this side of the forums yet so I otherwise wouldn't have known about this post. :lol:


    5 hours ago, Raylan said:

    If you have this gentlemans permission you could convert this youtube video to an mp3 using an online video to mp3 converter. 

    I'm not sure if you're referring to the original gentleman (Jim Bowman) or me... but if the latter, you (and everyone) have permission to download it for offline listening! In fact, I have a downloadable version available on my SoundCloud account that is from this same video recording but equalized/cleaned up a little bit. I've also attached it to this post in case anybody is interested. I also transcribed the lyrics and guitar chords/tablature to the best of my ability and shared them here on Ultimate-Guitar.com in case anybody wants to sing/play along too!


    I'm flattered by the views that this video got here and on some of the other CAS social media outlets. I only recently heard the original version for the first time too and loved it. So much, in fact, that I couldn't get it out of my head... so I figured that I might as well combine CAS with one of my other hobbies (guitar) and cover the song to get it out of my system! It worked for a little bit... but this earworm finds itself back in my head from time to time, particularly on the weekends on the way to/from matches. :P

    Ballad of the Single Action Shooters [Acoustic Cover].mp3

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  2. 29 minutes ago, Tyrel Cody said:

    Capt. George Baylor did a write up on them in the Cowboy Chronicle. Boomstick Jay has given his blessing and he is unquestionably one of the best CAS Gunsmiths.

    Captain George Baylor's review of this shotgun also got me interested in it, and I'm happy to report that it is indeed a great firearm! I actually recently wrote a review article about the 512T from a newer shooter's perspective, and I'm honored that it was just published in the January 2021 issue of The Cowboy Chronicle too. It starts on page 28 if anybody is interested in checking it out.


    If you're considering one but are fence about this listing, Tyrel Cody is offering it for a very fair price considering the work that has been done to it!


    8 hours ago, Tyrel Cody said:

    Pretty sure it was cut down, there are no threads at the muzzle that I can see.

    It makes sense that this particular model was cut down and therefore has no screw-in chokes because I believe the models with a gold-colored trigger (as opposed to a plain/stainless steel one) started life with 28" barrels, at least according to the Charles Daly website. Either way, it's a great shotgun!

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  3. I am still on the lookout for the elusive Miroku 1866 in 38 Special. (That Bass Pro Shops new old stock sale that I mentioned in my previous post was so transient that I honestly wonder if it was real, or simply a website/inventory glitch!)


    I updated my original post to "WTB / WTT" and added descriptions/links to two (very different) Model 1873 rifles. I would be willing trade off either of them for a Miroku 1866 if anybody is interested in that exchange.

  4. index.php?action=dlattach;topic=26532.0;


    Is the Marble's #95 folding rear sight, such as the one pictured above and this one here at MidwayUSA, legal for SASS use? I searched this forum (and other CAS-related forums around the web) but haven't come across a definitive answer. Some posts say that it is OK; another poster said that he had issues regarding the legality of the white "faux ivory" diamond inlay; others took issue with the idea that they weren't used on lever-action rifles until 1906 and argued that they should not be considered "available during the cowboy era."


    Here are the potentially relevant excerpts (both for and against its use) from the Shooter's Handbook, page 36–37:



    All Firearms

    • Sights must look like sights available during the cowboy era. Bead, blade, simple post, or otherwise approved front sights (such as the XS Cowboy Express) made of materials such as steel, iron, ivory, faux ivory, brass, gold, pewter, copper, or silver are allowed.

    • Colors other than those of the materials referenced above or any “fluorescent” materials may not be applied to either front or rear sights.

    • Rear and front sights may be “blacked,” painted, or plated in the colors of the previously listed materials. If blacking, paint, or plating is applied to a revolver front sight, it must cover the entire rear surface of the sight to give the appearance of a solid material.

    • All rear sights may have their openings adjusted.

    • The front sight may be raised or lowered to bring point-of-aim and point-of-impact into alignment.

    • The back of the front sight may be serrated.


    Rifle Sights

    • Tang mounted rear sights may utilize changeable “peep” apertures and eyecups.

    • No bolt or receiver mounted sight is permitted.

    • Dovetails may be milled in the barrel for sight replacement.

    • Beach style front sights and sight hoods are allowed.

    • Front sights may include a bead or insert of steel, iron, ivory, faux ivory, brass, gold, pewter, copper, or silver. The bead or insert shall be the color of the material.

    • Rear sights may utilize an insert of the same color as the rear sight to allow easy sight adjustment.

    • Ramp style front sights are allowed if original to the firearm.

    • Modern style click adjustable barrel or receiver sights are not allowed.


    I ask because I've been toying around with the idea of installing a tang-mounted peep sight on a new-to-me Miroku 1873, even if only because it is already drilled/tapped for one and it seems like it would be a fun project. If I did, I'd also be interested in replacing the existing rear semi-buckhorn sight with this folding rear sight (or similar) so that I could still use it if desired, but fold it down when using the tang sight so it doesn't get in the way. I’d also be interested to hear others' thoughts on that combination before I get too carried away with the idea, though.

  5. Thank you for the helpful input, everyone. I did consider getting a 24" Deluxe Octagon model (especially since Bass Pro Shops seems to have inventory of new old stock available via "Ship to Store" on their website at the time of this post) and trying it out as-is, then possibly getting it professionally cut down to 18–20" and slicked up in the future if it was too unwieldy for me. At a local match this weekend, I had the opportunity to check out another shooter's Miroku 1873 Deluxe Octagon rifle that had that exact job done to it by Cowboy Carty, and it looked/felt great.


    I reached out to Carty to inquire and he said he has worked on a Miroku 1866 before, but was unable to personally recommend it because of the seemingly fragile loading gate, lack of lever safety, and current unavailability of replacement/spare parts if something breaks... which, given my luck, is more of a when.


    As a result, I'm a little more reluctant to spend the effort and money to get/modify one to use specifically as a workhorse... but I'd still consider one if it shows up on the Wire, GunBroker, etc. for the right price!

  6. I'm interested in a Model 1866 rifle. I have handled, shot, and considered Italian-made replicas but have recently been looking more at the Miroku-made Winchester 1866 because of my positive experience with their Model 1873.


    I haven't come across much recent information about them despite searching the Wire and the web. From my understanding, only a 20-inch round-barrel "Short Rifle" model and a 24-inch "Deluxe Octagon" model were available in 38 Special. Store listings and GunBroker auctions for those models are few and far between, and even then I'm pretty sure I've only seen the Deluxe Octagon model featured. (The rest are in big bore calibers and/or commemorative editions that are elaborately engraved and extravagantly priced.)





    Can anybody offer any further insight into these Miroku 1866 models and whether they are comparable in quality, performance, and potential to the 1873 models? Furthermore, does anybody have one sitting in their safe that they would consider selling? (I think I'm more interested in the 20" model since it's closer to what I'm currently accustomed to, but would still be curious to know if someone has a 24" model that they are trying to sell.)


    If you have one and would be interested in a trade instead, I would be willing to trade off either of these 1873s and can provide additional details via PM:

    1. Taylor's and Co. (Uberti) Pistol Grip Rifle with 18" octagonal barrel in .357/.38. This is a short-stroked and fully slicked-up "race gun" with several functional and cosmetic modifications which make it a very fast, unique rifle.
    2. Winchester (Miroku) Short Rifle with polished blue finish in .357/.38. Its action has been lightly smoothed out, the trigger safety spring was replaced with a lightened Slixprings one, and a Palo Verde Gunworks lever wrap was installed which make the rifle faster and more comfortable to shoot. It is otherwise stock, i.e. no aftermarket short-stroke or other major modifications to the springs or mechanism.
  7. BTT for these beautiful firearms.@No Buk Chuck SASS # 24540, any chance that you’ll be at the Florida state match with these guns?


    @heckofagator, I remember you from another post since you said you were just getting started in the game, particularly the “acquisition” stage of it. These seem like a great deal for pistols and a rifle that have already been slicked up by reputable gunsmiths. (Even I am tempted by them even though I don’t need them... but when do we ever? :P)

  8. I'm a little belated in posting for the first time to introduce myself, but figured that this thread might be the best place to do it!


    SASS Alias: Santa Rosa Slinger

    SASS #: 109505

    Where you are from: Tampa, Florida

    How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: since December 2019

    Links: Action Shooting Network, YouTube


    SRS1.thumb.jpg.1c6503ca7d1a43fc1c953fe51a5921fc.jpg     SRS2.thumb.jpg.4779209b70ffa791ae9e5694082a3010.jpg


    1.thumb.jpeg.32941913b024a6c5866b34a5ed40b057.jpeg     5APewPA.gif


    1815313535_IdesofMarvember2020.thumb.jpg.decad319c7d9eec929ae4d7075363d1f.jpg     XHHxZiK.gif

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