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  1. I'm a little belated in posting for the first time to introduce myself, but figured that this thread might be the best place to do it!


    SASS Alias: Santa Rosa Slinger

    SASS #: 109505

    Where you are from: Tampa, Florida

    How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: since December 2019

    Links: Action Shooting Network, YouTube


    SRS1.thumb.jpg.1c6503ca7d1a43fc1c953fe51a5921fc.jpg     SRS2.thumb.jpg.4779209b70ffa791ae9e5694082a3010.jpg


    1.thumb.jpeg.32941913b024a6c5866b34a5ed40b057.jpeg     5APewPA.gif


    1815313535_IdesofMarvember2020.thumb.jpg.decad319c7d9eec929ae4d7075363d1f.jpg     XHHxZiK.gif

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