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  1. Thank you for the helpful input, everyone. I did consider getting a 24" Deluxe Octagon model (especially since Bass Pro Shops seems to have inventory of new old stock available via "Ship to Store" on their website at the time of this post) and trying it out as-is, then possibly getting it professionally cut down to 18–20" and slicked up in the future if it was too unwieldy for me. At a local match this weekend, I had the opportunity to check out another shooter's Miroku 1873 Deluxe Octagon rifle that had that exact job done to it by Cowboy Carty, and it looked/felt great. I reached out to Carty to inquire and he said he has worked on a Miroku 1866 before, but was unable to personally recommend it because of the seemingly fragile loading gate, lack of lever safety, and current unavailability of replacement/spare parts if something breaks... which, given my luck, is more of a when. As a result, I'm a little more reluctant to spend the effort and money to get/modify one to use specifically as a workhorse... but I'd still consider one if it shows up on the Wire, GunBroker, etc. for the right price!
  2. I'm contemplating the purchase of a second rifle. I currently shoot an Uberti 1873 "race gun" (short stroked, slicked up, pistol grip, 18" octagon barrel, .357/.38, etc.) that I got secondhand in that configuration at an unbeatable price... but I've also always been interested in an 1866 for its distinctive appearance, even if it isn't necessarily the "go-to" rifle for competition. Meanwhile, I have been impressed with some other shooters' Winchester (Miroku) 1873 rifles that I've handled and shot. Some were stock, some were professionally modified, but all had a quality fit and finish that were noticeable and appealing to me. I know that Winchester marketed a run of Miroku-made 1866 rifles a few years back before I started. They were seemingly the best of both worlds of what I'm looking for, but I haven't come across much recent information about them despite searching the Wire and the web. From my understanding, only a 20-inch round-barrel "Short Rifle" model and a 24-inch "Deluxe Octagon" model were available in 38 Special. Store listings and GunBroker auctions for those models are few and far between, and even then I'm pretty sure I've only seen the Deluxe Octagon model featured. (The rest are in big bore calibers and/or commemorative editions that are elaborately engraved and extravagantly priced.) Can anybody offer any further insight into these Miroku 1866 models and whether they are comparable in quality, performance, and potential to the 1873 models? Furthermore, does anybody have one sitting in their safe that they would consider selling? (I think I'm more interested in the 20" model since it's closer to what I'm currently accustomed to, but would still be curious to know if someone has a 24" model that they are trying to sell.)
  3. BTT for these beautiful firearms.@No Buk Chuck SASS # 24540, any chance that you’ll be at the Florida state match with these guns? @heckofagator, I remember you from another post since you said you were just getting started in the game, particularly the “acquisition” stage of it. These seem like a great deal for pistols and a rifle that have already been slicked up by reputable gunsmiths. (Even I am tempted by them even though I don’t need them... but when do we ever? )
  4. Hi everyone. This particular model of the North American Arms mini revolver caught my attention because it resembles a lilliputian Schofield revolver with its break top action. I am specifically interested in the variant with the longer 2.5" barrel length, larger boot grip, and included .22LR conversion cylinder that is pre-fitted to the frame from the factory. The manufacturer's model number for that package is NAA-22MC-R250. It doesn't seem to be readily available anywhere locally, but since this is definitely a "want" (and far from a "need") I'm not overly motivated to order a new one through a store or online. However, I thought I'd see if anybody here has one sitting in a safe or otherwise looking to sell so that the transaction could at least benefit someone in the SASS community. I'm also curious to hear your opinions about these little revolvers from a practical standpoint. It'd honestly be mostly for fun and plinking, but its tiny size is certainly attractive for carrying in a pocket holster when I don't want to (or otherwise cannot) carry a larger autoloader. I've read several articles across the web that report that while diminutive, .22WMR is still not anything to scoff at and can be an effective defense around... or at the very least, better than nothing. (Personally, I wouldn't want to get shot with it!) Lots of the criticism I read about it revolves () around it being single action and difficult to operate under stress, but I'd argue that anything is possible with practice even with something this small... and out of anybody, we certainly get plenty of practice working single action revolvers quickly and accurately! (Too bad these aren't legal for official SASS use in side matches though, since they are smaller than .31 caliber and are not a pre-1900 design.)
  5. Haha, thank you for the shout-out, Camo Cowboy! Cypress Sun is a great guy and was there for my very first few matches, so it seemed only fitting that I point out his listing to you as a fellow newer shooter since you’re in the exciting “acquisition phase” of cowboy action shooting. Looking forward to seeing you in the morning, Sun! It has been nice to see you in passing when you come by to say hello before the matches, but it would be great to shoot with you again if you do stick around! This may be too late for you to see before the morning... but if not, please do come out, especially if what you mean by “not ready” is “I don’t have the guns” (as opposed to psychologically ready or something else)! I can almost guarantee that someone — myself included — will ensure that you get a taste of our sport if you come. Look/ask for any of us if you decide to come!
  6. I'm a little belated in posting for the first time to introduce myself, but figured that this thread might be the best place to do it! SASS Alias: Santa Rosa Slinger SASS #: 109505 Where you are from: Tampa, Florida How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: since December 2019 Links: Action Shooting Network, YouTube
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