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  1. Sounds like I should keep it.
  2. LOL, It's called Wife logic. "You are getting a new rifle, Maybe you can sell the old one to offset the cost."
  3. Thanks Snakebite, I'm shooting one now. Planning to get a 1873. Just wondering if I should sell or keep the 92?
  4. Looking for some opinions on this model. Wondering what a fair price on a B-92 357 in todays market?? I understand these are very rare to find. From what I've read, they are one of the best 1892s you can get. Seymour Action
  5. Me Too!!! 45-70 gov. I shoot Plainsman and Long Range with it. The recall was for hammer drop without trigger pull if not cocked all the way.
  6. Thanks, I guess we were writing at the same time. Just sent you a message.
  7. Just wondering if there are any SASS members in Pahrump?? My sister moved there to retire. Planning to go check it out next month.
  8. Midway has had Federal 209s several times in the last few weeks. Like everywhere, they are available for a day or so then sell out. Keep watching.
  9. I'll Take #4 Pants. Send me the info.
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