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  1. Considering upgrading my holster set up. I tend to like my holsters low and at my sides (I shoot gunfighter) and have been considering a drop holster set up (bucardo style). But I also noticed that a lot of shooters wear their gun belts incredibly low (consider the picture that ran awhile back on SASS home page) is there a reason shooters prefer lowering their gun belts way below their waist instead of a drop holster? Typically, what are the advantages to lowering your belt over using a drop holster?
  2. Recently picked up a CZ bobwhite shotgun - it is very stiff - both the lever and breaking the action open - where should a person start to smooth it up - I have been working the action open and close, about 2 to 3 hundred times with some improvement but not enough. I see three options - keep working the action dry - start running shell through it - take it apart and work on the action. For the last option what parts should be smoothed and which parts shouldn't. Looking for opinions.
  3. No one has spoken for the Tiro yet - Let me know if you want it PaleWolf -
  4. Old army sold to Willie GOODNEWS- PM your info
  5. For sale some safe queens - They all have had minor use and sat in the safe because of one reason or another. 1. Ruger old Army - love it but just doesnt fit my hand + heavy $750 and shipping 2. Pietta Tiro 1858 - this pistol is a bit different from other 1858 - it has progressive rifling and an 8 inch barrel - 1 in 30 twist - 5 lands and 5 groves .008 deep- takes a .457 rb - the grip frame is bigger than the normal reproductions - you can see the size difference from a stainless steel Pietta 1858- it has a dovetailed front sight and a silver brass trigger guard. Dixie Gunworks calls it the shooter and lists it for 1195.00 new but it is otherwise known as the Tiro (vti parts)- Darn thing bangs my knuckles when I shoot - $550 + shipping 3. Navy Arms (Pietta ) 1858 stainless steel - has a problem from the factory - from the picture you can see the cylinder pin doesnt match the hole in the frame - it doesnt affect functioning and accuracy is great - it is difficult to get the pin in and out - $275 + shipping
  6. Lately I have been seeing this shotgun new listed at $650 seems like a good price for a CZ - Anybody have feedback about the gun? Considering picking up one.
  7. Having a hard time scoring this: The scenario specifies 5 rounds pistol through window A - 5 rounds pistol through window C: rifle 10 rounds through window B ( A - B -C) Shotgun anywhere 2 knock downs. Rifle cant be last. Shooter shoots 5 rounds from window A no misses, makes a mistake and cocks 6th realized the problem and fires it into the berm moves to window C completes the sequence no other misses. Then uses the shotgun and takes both knockdowns. Finally goes to the rifle and no misses. So is it a procedural for the sixth shot from the wrong window or a miss plus a procedural for the rifle being last. Reason I ask is the procedural committed as soon as the round is fired from the wrong window before it missed? From what I can gather from the flow chart it should be just a procedural. And the answer is?
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