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  1. I am one who doesn’t subscribe to start on a single stage to learn. If you know you are going to do higher volume pistol rounds, skip the single stage and buy a Dillon or Hornady. Dillons are great presses, but they get really expensive fast if you do multiple cartridges. In that case the Hornady can be a better choice. Cheaper for multiple cartridges. I fall into the second camp as I do 38 spl, 44 spl, 45 acp, 38 super, 380, 9mm and more. if you are going to reload rifle rounds, then a single stage is always a good choice. Since you have to lube and trim length, unless you are using a 1050 with auto trim, you will be taking brass in and out of the press anyway. This greatly reduces the efficiency of a progressive press. I still use my single stage regularly for rifle rounds. Pistol are done on a Hornady and shotshell on a pw. Wish I hit sprung for the spolar.
  2. I got a jug from brownells in the last 6 months. Only time I have found it on the shelves in the last few years. Not cheap.
  3. There have been many side effects of “legal” pot in Colorado. Homeless population tripled. Real estate became distorted as growers looked for property. Pot tourism is now a thing. It uses a lot of water and energy. Usage has gone up, I know several people who have taken it up as it’s now “legal”. From what I hear a lot is going out of state as the in state price is 1/4-1/3 of other illegal markets. Even in state, the rec market is expensive and really just for tourists. Locals still buy off the black market as it’s cheaper.
  4. The feds said they would not enforce the law, so they just leave the state alone to enforce what they want. In Colorado it’s “legal” on private property, but that has become very lax and I have watched people take a hit while driving when stopped at a light in the downtown. Not a good situation imho.
  5. If it’s a sailboat, they don’t go fast enough to outrun the orcas. btw the idea for moby Dick came from the whale ship Essex that was sunk by whales in the 1800’s.
  6. They are trying to energize a part of the population that responds to emotions and not logic. It is effective and as the left has been doing for a while, are trying to reduce faith is the Supreme Court.
  7. The problem is really with the northern states. Standard time was originally set up as noon being the middle of the day. So equal daylight morning or afternoon. Daylight savings makes middle of the day 1pm so there is more light in the afternoon. Problem becomes when there is around 9 hrs of daylight. It might not get light until 8:30-9am with dst. Means kids walk to school in the dark. So even if it’s abolished, which time do you make permanent? btw China only observes one time zone, bejing time, so in the west, they have odd hours of daylight.
  8. Have two, one for each of us. They also make a pistol that is higher powered. Looks like a crossman airgun that takes salt pellets.
  9. I did a square load by using Lee dippers and figuring out the shot charge I wanted, then used that volume to load black mz. Then added wads to get the right stack height.
  10. Black powder is confusing as it’s a weight, but that weight is volume. Modern equivalents are less dense and get measured by volume that is equivalent to the same weight in real black powder. Get a Lee dipper set or a black powder measure for loading muzzle loaders. Once you get the volume correct, then measure the weight and use that if you want to measure by weight. Say 60g of black powder, and you are using APP or Black MzL, it may only weigh 45 grains for the same volume. you can use more wads if you want a lighter load. I used felt wads in my pistol rounds to reduce them from full power loads. With BP you want to make sure not to have an air gap in your load.
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