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  1. The new workaround is people are getting fire control pistols approved as single shots. Can get a sig p320 now. Since only the fire control group is the “firearm” once it’s sold, it can have a new grip installed which has the capacity to hold a magazine. Wonder how long until they shut this down.
  2. Colorado increased penalties for wheelies to a felony many years back when freeway motorcycle stunt riding was a thing. Seems a bit excessive, but was probably effective.
  3. First, I am sorry you have to go through this with a parent. Horrible disease. I know they talk about COVID brain and I have been around several people who had big cognitive declines from COVID. Very scary imho. The people who had it the worst were the ones in the first round of the virus in 2020. Based on this I expect covid may have been a contributing factor to the changes you are experiencing. It could be the COVID made the Alzheimer’s worse or the COVID simply did additional damage.
  4. You are correct that your load should work with 7/8 oz of shot. Might need to change wad to get the correct stack height. Imho if you really want light, get the claybuster 3/4 oz wad. They make really cream puff loads. Keep the speed up 1100-1200 range so you still have some energy. In a 8+lb target gun they are like shooting a 410. In a 7lb coach gun they will be like a 28ga.
  5. While I didn’t get to shoot it, I did handle one of the s&w m&p that came from the custom shop. It was really nice. I will admit I am not a smith fan, but that is a 45 I would consider. Not sure if they offer it in a metal frame, but the 9mm metal frame is getting great reviews.
  6. I use pw shot bushings and made a adapter allow the use of mec bushings for powder as my local sportsmans has mec bushings in stock. I know a few others make mec adapters.
  7. Safety slant for first pass (Maggard slant), then safety (Rockwell) for next two passes. Gillette silver blue blades. Not going back to multiblades anytime soon.
  8. Many do as shown above. One example, the F7’s are basically the navy version of a P-38 so it has radials that are not forced induction. Ww2 air museum in Colorado Springs has two. They also have a P38, P47, B25, plus others. All in flying condition.
  9. IMHO a F7 sounds better than either of those at idle. The P51 is really best at full power, not idle.
  10. I had the realization recently that 80’s is almost twice the time from now as WW1 to WW2. Also the same amount of time back to someone in the 60’s as the 20’s.
  11. Coming out he was looking for his ex wife. 72 years old. Also tried to shoot up another studio and was stopped.
  12. Another option for spreader wads is the brush wad with no cup from BPI.
  13. I always run the 1250 fps load, which I think is 17.5. It’s a book load. The only change I made was use a shorter wad ie the 7/8 oz wad in AA-HS hulls. I was shooting sporting clays or trap and supposedly 1250 was a good velocity for a nice pattern. Shot 10’s of thousands of them. If you want less powder, extra lite is a good choice.
  14. I am hoping they offer the 336 in 360BH. Then pick up a 44 to go with my remlin.
  15. Red dot, promo, clay dot can all be used in most clays loadings. Might not be 1:1, but close. I am sure there are more, but those are the ones I have always used when clays wasn’t available.
  16. I have used a mec grabber, mec jr and now a pw800+. All worked well. For the $$ the grabber was the Best Buy for a progressive press. Basically a 9000 without auto indexing. Now I limit the mec jr for hunting loads as it takes a lot longer for any volume. with two different sizes, and constant shooting, I would probably buy two grabbers or two 9000’s. The Lee is cheap and it gets you started, but not the machine to do 1000’s per year. Same with the mec jr, a fine press, but it’s a single stage, so its 5 handle presses per shell. The pw’s are nice, but not sure it’s any better than a mec and changing over from 12-20 takes 15-30 min. I load two sizes, 28 and 12, so to minimize changeovers, I run 500-1000 of each then switch. Also if I was to do it again I would spring for a spolar.
  17. Not to mention it is taking them almost a year to approve tax stamps.
  18. Had to do a add a rib for my wife’s clay gun. She got horrible cheek slap and we figured out that the gun sat too high on her shoulder causing it to pivot. The high rib moved the gun down into a normal position and cheek slap went away. Clay games are really all about the fit.
  19. Especially the original air bags were violent in inflation. Easily breaking an arm if it’s in the wrong place when it goes off. Same reason kids are no longer allowed in the front seat. Airbags can kill them. The reason is they have to prevent injury for a 95% unbelted male. To do that they need to be quick and strong. Get a small person or something out of place and people get hurt. Having been in a car when one went off, they are loud (as expected) and smell just like red dot.
  20. when we were looking at stoves, the American brands were pretty poor controls. Sliders for heat. No one really wanted to sell one. It was either gas or the crappy flat top electric. Between those to choices I would go gas. Went with a fisher paykel and have been happy. Has nice knobs for control. Has 12 power steps, from a super low to boil water right now. Learned my lesson, don’t use full power to boil rice. Burns it right up.
  21. I agree that people should be able to choose. I tried gas and hated it. Maybe it was just the stove I bought, but it didn’t have good range between full heat and simmer. Full heat was too low and simmer was too high. Also didn’t like that the handles of my pans got really hot due to all the waste heat. Hated the flat top electric even more. Have a induction now and quite happy. Can simmer super low, boils water really fast. I have an lp genset so I have electricity when the power goes out. If I need heat I have two fireplaces. One gas and one wood.
  22. Gas stoves are hugely inefficient, 30% ish to actual cooking. The green movement is very much against gas stoves and have been for a while. personally I am not a fan. Got one in our last house as everyone says how great they are. Had been raised on electric. Didn’t like the gas at all and went induction on our new house. Best of both worlds. Super fast heat, low simmer, instant up/down heat. Only downside is it’s glass top, so needs extra care not to scratch the top. From a performance perspective, I won’t be getting another gas stove or one of those horrible flat top electric. Those are the worst, slow to heat up, don’t cool quickly, nothing good.
  23. Just ordered one, hope it will make it before deer season. Going to shoot subsonic 500g 45-70 for white tail.
  24. I managed to have a separated right shoulder and still drive a stick. Got good at shifting with my left hand.
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