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  1. I purchased tickets almost immediately when I saw it. My own son actually wanted a similar alias to what is being offered. Good cause and neat potential alias. Good luck everyone.
  2. My wife and I grabbed two of them as soon as we could. Here is a mini review. My other testers were 8, 10 and 12-years old. Finish: Matte Black Cerakote. For young shooters I like it. Rugged.Loading gate: Hard to open, but will loosen up with time.Trigger: MIM stainless, the pull was smooth.Hammer: MIM stainless, the pull is rough on little fingers. That said, this is also a good safety feature for new shooters. Weight: 30 oz. It feels good in the hand.Overall: They are very accurate and fun to shoot. Don’t let the naysayers (who probably don’t even own one) steer you away. For a buckaroo/buckarette, or just target practice/plinking they are perfect. I mean come on, it is a Ruger for under $200!
  3. I joined in April and my # is 108525. My recruitment experience so far and suggestions: 1. I stumbled upon SASS by accident when researching single actions. Of all the ranges I visited on a regular basis before joining, there was never any indication SASS even existed. 2. I found the handbook to not be very clearly written for a newcomer. I had to dig around this forum for clearer information from all you friendly pards. 3. It's my opinion that https://sassnet.com/ needs a complete overhaul. The homepage is a cluttered mess. It has not even been updated with current EOT standings. It will not attract new shooters if it looks like it was made in 1899. That's OK for your SAA, not a web presence. 4. The club listings return a OVER_QUERY_LIMIT error most of the time. 5. Local clubs should be spotlighted much, much more. For most that will be their only SASS experience. They are the lifeblood of the sport.
  4. That would be open to interpretation by experts, the court and or a jury. Removing a safety feature however is a different story. Again, just my friendly opinion.
  5. After two decades of doing product liability, catastrophic loss and death cases here is my 2-cents: a negligent discharge from a weapon which had a safety feature intentionally removed, could be a very bad thing. This is NOT legal advice, just a friendly opinion.
  6. I have one and the action is not nearly as smooth as my 1894C. So far two of the dreaded "marlin jams" have reared their ugly face. I had to take off the lever in both instances to clear it.
  7. A few drops opens the flavor for sure. If anyone disagrees, they can give the unused portion to me...and I will drink it
  8. Hopefully the SASS web page is updated with them.
  9. Social media is definitely the key to casting a wider net.
  10. Here is a pearl handled, Wilbur Glahn engraved, Colt SAA to brighten your day.
  11. That is people using their own life's experiences as a filter for how they see things. Obviously, having an early interest in something makes a nice foundation, but is not necessary. I found CAS researching single actions on Youtube (hickok45). If not for that coincidence, I would still not know it exists.
  12. My kids are learning now. Our 12-year old son shot his first match last weekend. I think it goes without saying, that when they grow their wings and fly away so will some hobbies. It's just part of growing up and becoming your own person. That said, I'm sure some or all of them will come back to it. On another note, the SASS handbook can be one of the most confusing things ever to read for new members.
  13. Just some random thoughts to the posts here. As someone new to CAS, I can tell you that the "younger generation" cannot possibly be interested in something they don't know about. They are not communicating on a forum such as this. They are not reading blogs. They are using social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. I myself only found CAS by accident when researching single actions. Now I have an entire friends and family circle interested in it. One which spans the ages 8 to 50. Yes cost is a big obstacle. That said, there is plenty of shooters around with enough cowboy guns to arm a small nation. I think if folks could "try before they buy" it may reel them in. Also don't cut yourselves short. This is a fascinating hobby, using replica firearms from a very historical era. Games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 are immensely popular with the younger crowd. Shooting the real deal is the next logical step. They just need to learn how to get there.
  14. My wife, son and I had a blast shooting with the Welsh Mountain Regulators this past weekend. We made mistakes, learned a lot and have absolutely caught the CAS bug! I wanted to give a big shout out to all the super helpful pards and especially Biloxi Bob, who spent lots of time with us being a great mentor. As a someone new to CAS, that sort of enthusiasm and helpfulness will never be forgotten. We will definitely pay it forward!
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