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  1. Here is an old picture from my stint in the Cav. I think I'm about 18 or 19 here descending a 60’ rappel tower. Some photographer for the Army Times snapped the shot.
  2. No one is using that. Tankers can't even tie their own boots
  3. Well as a Phillies fan the Mets are working real good at it
  4. I noticed Dick's Sporting Goods has an "exclusive" version listed inside the catalog in their store. Of course it appears no different in specs from the regular Supreme...and no one behind the counter could explain any potential difference. I have not been able to find any reference to it online.
  5. The timing of this post is ironic, as I just picked one up!
  6. Great advice in this thread. I just picked up an 1894C.
  7. I'm interested in them as a birthday present for my son. I'm assuming they will be marked down to the $180 range, which would make them very attractive over the HRR.
  8. Yep, amazing. I would have grabbed them in a hot second.
  9. This is really neat to see if you've never watched the video:
  10. You have mine. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  11. I should have made my alias Roger Bucklesby.
  12. Skin that Smoke Wagon! Love mine.
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