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  1. Thank you to everyone who served or is currently serving. You will forever be part of something greater than yourself.
  2. Yes. It's one of those pieces of equipment that just makes the whole experience more enjoyable.
  3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with a few drops of oil will take that off. It's a micro abrasive, but that paint should be the first victim.
  4. I have never been so happy to brush my teeth.
  5. Sipping on some Bulleit myself at the moment.
  6. My family uses both. I prefer the 45 just for the theme and romanticism of the Old West. Yes, it's more expensive but you only go around once.
  7. I purchased tickets almost immediately when I saw it. My own son actually wanted a similar alias to what is being offered. Good cause and neat potential alias. Good luck everyone.
  8. My wife and I grabbed two of them as soon as we could. Here is a mini review. My other testers were 8, 10 and 12-years old. Finish: Matte Black Cerakote. For young shooters I like it. Rugged.Loading gate: Hard to open, but will loosen up with time.Trigger: MIM stainless, the pull was smooth.Hammer: MIM stainless, the pull is rough on little fingers. That said, this is also a good safety feature for new shooters. Weight: 30 oz. It feels good in the hand.Overall: They are very accurate and fun to shoot. Don’t let the naysayers (who probably don’t even own one) steer you away. For a buckaroo/buckarette, or just target practice/plinking they are perfect. I mean come on, it is a Ruger for under $200!
  9. Social media is definitely the key to casting a wider net.
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