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  1. A few years ago we had one club add a par-time to a match to 'speed things up' - which as you can imagine was a nightmare for new shooters or those with any sort of physical handicap.
  2. I have a pair of Grande Californians, they are beautifully engraved throughout with a blued barrel and grey case color hardened frame. If you want an engraved 4-click SAA on a budget, look no further.
  3. I agree cost is a big barrier, from my experience not really feeling welcomed is another. The local clubs need to create mentorship programs, which are somehow supported much more by SASS. That would go a long way in helping people navigate what to purchase and also become part of the community at their respective club(s). When we first started, my family visited half a dozen locations. Of those, only two were really welcoming. The others felt like an animal den where we were being sniffed out by long term members. Being snubbed by folks is not the Cowboy way and also akin to being a
  4. I just made a blog post about loading blocks and they feature three designed by Marshal. Check it out here.
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