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  1. In the car with my wife, Posey N Towe when the question of when I said something came up. I told her, "Woman, if I remembered what I said I wouldn't keep making an ass out of myself."
  2. Something to point out about Deforest Kelly is he is the only actor to work in 3 versions of gunfight at OK corral. 1 as Morgan Earp, 2 as Bones in a Star Trek bit and 3 in an educational movie about it. Add to this about 45 western tv shows and 2 movies I'd at least call him a cowboy actor. Nimoy was in a Bonanza movie and several tv westerns. George Peppard play a character called "Space Cowboy" in the worse sci fi movie ever made. Battle Beyond the Stars. Plot stolen from Magnificent 7. Included Robert Vaughn playing his gunfighter character. Best part of that was the costumes Sybil Danning almost had on.
  3. An old battered bear of a man walks into the Saloon (ACS). He slowly studies all that are there. So many old friends. Several adventures were spun here in years past. Bottles, the drinks are on me tonight. I take it my credit is still good. Who am I? I'm now called Mosey N. Sloe, I'm the shootist formally known as Big Bear Lewis Give the ladies doubles until I look young and handsome.
  4. Just retired my late father in law's S&W Air crewman made in 1953. I also have a S&W mod 37 that my Dad did the paperwork on in 1974. For Sunday duty my Mod 19
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