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  1. Can't tell from the pic but most boot jacks are too close to the floor in front. If your boots have riding heels you cannot get a good hook and then your boot comes out of the hook and kicks you in the other shin. Most work all right with low heeled boots
  2. Stamps went from $55 a roll to $58 but the PO clerk is cute so I don't care
  3. I use mine and leave the Winchester and Marlin 38 Specials at home
  4. Many cattlemen are good cowboys. I sometimes roll a cuff in mine if they are too long. I would not be caught dead in anything with fancy stitching
  5. Any movie with Sharon Stone is tops
  6. Not this movie but watching a different old western. guy and girl on a covered wagon. Him driving and setting on the left side of the seat with her on the right. How silly is that.
  7. $1.50 each plus shipping. I sent Tully 50 rounds today so have 200 left. Let me know if you still want 50.
  8. A solid rubber pad under it will serve better than a towel as it has no give
  9. What is the difference in the bolt body itself between the 03 and the 03-A3?
  10. I will sell 150 so you 2 can decide who wants what
  11. I could not find any in smaller amounts so I ordered the minimum of 250. More than I can use so I would sell some. GR
  12. Most western movies are set in the 1870s but they wear 1970s hats
  13. Ruger flap holster made by Bianchi. Stamped Ruger 71/2" Blackhawk. I think these were Brown when made but this one has been dyed Black. Fits my ROA 7 1/2" perfectly. $100 plus shipping
  14. 3 used books on Gunsmithing. $5 each plus shipping. Pistolsmithing- Nonte Gunsmithing- Dunlap Modern gun smith- Howe Outdated to some extent but interesting reading
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