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  1. A new shooter? A member of the “Grahambino” crime family? Maybe a mafia Don? Welcome young man! Have a great time and enjoy yourself!
  2. Oh no I see I’m going to have a slight issue on Thursday. I’ll have to make sure my “pink outfit” doesn’t interfere with my black powder shooting. You’d have to kill a cat to get a better mental image of me with a wardrobe malfunction.
  3. Get a different perspective than the other spotters. Three spotters shouldn’t be shoulder to shoulder watching, move to a different angle than the others and watch the targets don’t just listen to them.
  4. Leadership is like moving a piece of string across a table, it moves much easier when it is being pulled and not pushed. That said, leadership starts with understanding and knowing your people and your goals, then leading everyone to achieve that goal, while giving them a sense that they’re making a contribution. The best leaders listen to others and when a new idea comes up doesn’t dismiss it “just because”, not all ideas are good, but it does show an interest in what’s going on. How does this relate to a state + match? No one can do it alone and you’re not a leader if no one is fol
  5. Got my camping spot all set at Celebration now I’m good to go for CAC, TN State, and the SE Regionals. It’s going to be a fun fall!
  6. That would be me, out of 5 shooters I’d place 10th Papa Dave should make it interesting and make it a BP speed match
  7. I belong to 2 clubs that I shoot monthlies at and I feel lucky that both are permanent cowboy towns. One club can’t have anything larger than the monthly because of the location (no on site camping, no water or plumbing, limited electric, etc); the other is getting ready to host a state match later this year. Since I’m retired and have time on my hands I volunteered to help out any way I can. Besides being a T.O. , spotter, brass picker, score keeper, table monitor and the like for every monthly match along with a bunch of other members, (I’m not special) we have a lot of folks willing to h
  8. Can the folks in Cali buy primers and powder from any store or do y’all have to go through an FFL for them?
  9. You know @Preacherman if you weren’t such a nice guy I’d think people don’t like you
  10. Give him a reshoot but make him shoot the pistols like a T-Rex (sorry couldn’t resist)
  11. Carpe Noctem? I had to look it up, I thought it was some kinda fish. Carry on
  12. At the current exchange rate the primers are $83.32 USD
  13. And @Griff we all know how determined you can be especially if a clean match is involved
  14. See that’s what I love about @Tennessee williams he’s all class, if he wasn’t he’d be using one of those cheap plastic spoons.
  15. A lesson about magnets that I learned - This really isn’t a gun failure as much as a complete brain fart. After the first day of shooting at the Mississippi State match this year it was time to clean up the shootin irons. I’m shooting Frontiersman and using my usual guns so I don’t have any excuse for what happens next. Sitting outside my camper I clean the pistols, then I move on to my trusty Marlin 1894CB in .45c. I’ve cleaned this gun more times than I can remember, anyway, I get my little tub of hot water and dish soap, take the lever, bolt, and ejector out. I put the ejector and bol
  16. Not good for B-Western or CC. On the bright side maybe you could start a new category “Completely Inappropriate Gender Confused Cowboy or Maybe Cowgirl”, may have to work on the name a bit though
  17. I can carry back up rifle and SG but not the pistols, want to, but haven’t been able to find a good pair of C&B for sale.
  18. This story can only be true if I believe that you have a buddy. Just kidding, see you in a couple of months!
  19. A few years ago I had the front sight on one of my pistols fall off, annoying but not too big of a deal, finished the day without it. Luckily there was a gunsmith as one of the vendors that fixed it that afternoon. But, you know here’s the strange part, exactly one year later, same match, same pistol, the sight fell off again. I’m guessing the one year warranty had something to do with it If it falls off again I’ll use my silver solder skills that I learned from the loading lever latch incident and put myowndang sight on.
  20. Just finished reading another post about changing categories which led me to this, we’ve all had’em, what’s your story? Here’s one of mine: At a state match I had the loading lever latch fall off one of my ‘58 NMA’s. Luckily I had a pipe cleaner in my gun cart, wrapped it around the lever and barrel and finished the match. Funny part about it was later that same day someone else on the posse had a problem with one of their guns (not the same problem as mine) that was quickly cobbled together with another pipe cleaner. It was after that I learned how to silver solder.
  21. Just to add to what PWB just posted shooting style would have to be considered, if you’re shooting Duelist than changing to a non-Duelist category probably won’t fly. Not to mention if’n you’re a Frontiersman and your pistolas decide not to play you’re most likely gonna be up “Schitt’s” Creek without a paddle. (don’t ask me how I know)
  22. Around here I’ve seen pards wearing these neck fans. Haven’t tried it myself.
  23. Not sure what’s available since you’re down under. Someone like @Painted Mohawk SASS 77785 would know a lot better of what options are available for you.
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