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  1. I love getting scammers on the phone, I try to keep them talking for as long as I can. Recently I got a scam call about paycheck loans, the guy was probably in India and when I couldn't make out his name I started to call him ChaChing. When he realized that I was just playing with him he hung up. I decided that I really needed to hear about those loans so I called him back, and called him back, and again and again. Eventually they blocked my number, I guess they got the hint. The things I do when I'm bored.
  2. You were so fast on the .38 I didn't even see the rounds ejecting. How old is the video?
  3. @Rolan Kraps, SASS # 24084 Life if you're talking about the seat that Rugged Gear sells I saw it 2 weeks ago at Comin' at Cha, I thought it was a little small, it's about half the seating area of the folding ones at Walley World. I suggest seeing it in person, if you can, find a shoot that Rugged Gear will be at.
  4. I may have asked this before but before I get on the road (Tuesday), does anyone want me to bring them some cajun cracklin? This is not the kind you get in the supermarket, if you've ever been to southern Louisiana you might have tried them, it's kind of like bacon with a kick.
  5. I use APP and Black MZ and I can say for a fact that if you don't put your brass in vinegar and water right after shooting by the next day they'll be corroded. Also, if you're going to shoot BP or a sub make sure you keep a can of Ballistic with you.
  6. The RO1 class should be interesting with everyone wearing pink. I just hope we'll be done in time to see the Widder vs. Red Knee speed SG match. If the class isn't over by then maybe we'll be lucky enough to be on a break.
  7. In North America we have Bison. Buffalo are found in Asia and Africa. Bison have beards, Buffalo don't.
  8. Chili - Try these guys Crutchfield They have the best customer service you can get, you can call them with a problem and they'll stay on the phone with you until you're happy. They'll also make recommendations based on your needs not what they're trying to sell. I think they're running free shipping this weekend. If you've got wifi in the room I'd go with a smart tv not only will it let you connect to different TV services but when your TV needs a software update it can do it automatically.
  9. Get'em Boomstick!! Never doubt that you can do it, just put your mind to it and do it!
  10. Charles Foxtrot....no Cucaracha Foxtrot....no Cocoa Foxtrot.....no Car Foxtrot....no None of them sounds as good as Charlie Foxtrot. If you don't know what that means ask a Vet
  11. A question for all you learned folks. Besides being a newbie in the game (started Feb '19) this will obviously be my first time to the TN match. I plan on wearing some pink on Thursday, I'm also in the RO1 class, do I wear pink to that? What about at the side matches? Where will the RO1 class be held and how long will it be? Just in case my better half wants to come to the range she'll ask.
  12. I made it! I’ll be going there tomorrow
  13. Horseback and a buggy for date night. Kinda hard to make out on the back of a horse....don't ask
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