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  1. I guess it's being in the South, we've been launching sweet tea in plastic bottles. It doesn't spray like a shaken up can of soda though .
  2. I've been using Duco Cement with great results. Dries quick and I haven't found any residue left in the shell.
  3. I'm very glad to hear that "Leadfoot" didn't suffer any serious injuries. My first thought is were the nipples clean? This happened on the ninth stage could it have been a build up in the nipple orifice that prevented a full spark from igniting the powder? I would think that if was humidity that affected the powder then the rest of the powder that was in his flask(?) should be checked. APP tends to clump up when it gets damp which should have made it noticeable in the powder measure. My only other thought is that the powder wasn't compressed. I would assume though that "Leadfoot" loaded that particular cylinder the same way as every other cylinder and that there was enough powder and compression to ignite fully.
  4. here's what it looks like
  5. Sodium Silicate will dry out eventually. The trick to glue is to have one that doesn't leave residue in the shell. For cowboy loads you can use magnum primers in anything.
  6. NASCAR ruined the racing future of Kyle Larsen after he inadvertently said the N_____ word while I Racing. NASCAR has allowed drivers who been arrested to continue to drive. Yet they are not going to do anything to Bubba who made all of NASCAR look like a bunch of fools and tools for BLM. They've let him (and Denny Hamlin) use his car to make a political statement. I believe that a lot of their loyal fan base will stop being loyal and put NASCAR in the same category as the NFL and stop supporting them. Professional sports has turned into nothing more than a bunch of millionaire cry babies.
  7. Interested in #3 and #4 can you either post or PM me with the blade length?
  8. Thanks Allie. I thought that it was odd that no one responded yet. I would think if a community calendar is going to show up on the top banner it would have a use. If SASS needs a volunteer to propagate and maintain it I'd throw my hat in the ring for consideration.
  9. I'm pleased with my Frankford Arsenal digital scale. This is it at Midway Scale Personally I like digital scales, I have trouble reading the lines on beam scales, but beam scales are accurate.
  10. Unless you're doing some really high precision shooting IMHO it's overkill. You can go to any of the big home stores and pick up a set of digital calipers for less than half the price. Most ammo you load only needs to be measured 1/1000 of an inch and even then being off a thousand or two (as long as the round chambers fine) will be good enough.
  11. I WISH a moderator would contact me or reply to this.
  12. I've found that loading a "brassie" to be more time consuming but easier than plastic hulls. First thing you'll have to decide with brass SG hulls is what you're going to stuff them with. You can use either Nitro Card, Fiber Wads, overshot card, or plastic wad and overshot card. Whichever you choose I suggest working up 4-6 shells with different combinations of powder and shot and take them to the range and pattern them. While a wide pattern is good for bird hunting it's not the best for our type of shooting. At 20-30 yards shooting a KD you'll want to keep the pattern tight so most of that small shot will hit the KD. For primers I try to use Federal Magnum in every Cowboy load. Reloading is a lot of trial and error and having a mentor will save you lots of errors and keeps you and your ammo safe from risky mistakes.
  13. Here's a picture of the "noose". Are you kidding me??? Talk about over sensitive.
  14. My first "Blue" machine was a used Square Deal and I had a devil of a time with the primer feed. I called Dillon to send it back, I paid the shipping out there and they repaired and shipped it back for free. Found out that one of the guys there takes the machine completely apart, cleans everything, changes anything that even looks like it's worn, lubricates it and sets the whole thing up for whatever caliber you want to load. Well worth the shipping costs. Also found their spare parts kit to come in mighty handy when something breaks during a loading run, they even replace the parts in the kit for free.
  15. Last night a mob tried to tear down a statue in Washington D.C. of Andrew Jackson, they spray painted on the base "KILLER". It's been reported that it was due slavery. If we look back at the beginning of our country Presidents like Washington and Jefferson were also slave owners. I guess their statues will be next.
  16. Your dies will work just fine, the advantage IMHO for the Dillon dies is that you can clean them without having to remove the whole die, the innards are held in with a clip. +1 on the tool heads really speeds changes up. Couple of things to remember about the 650 don't over tighten the plate screw and remember to tighten up the set screw that holds the plate screw from tightening up when your running the machine. Grease and oil are your friends. Have fun!
  17. What's the most innovative target you've seen? Maybe it's the target, or where you have to shoot from, or something else. I've heard about (but haven't seen...yet) ore cars that roll and targets that move away from the shooter.
  18. That's a big word Yusta B. a mighty big word
  19. As others have said looks the same as APP. I'll stick with Bullets by Scarlett she sells both APP and Shooter's World smokeless.
  20. @PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L I enjoyed your videos, found them on Youtube. In the 2013 thread John Boy said that the videos were made into a sticky. I don't see it now, was that something that didn't transition with the site's update since then? Any thoughts to re-post it as a sticky?
  21. I hope you're not talking about me. I'm not your Tequila I'm spoken for by a very beautiful woman that I love.
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