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  1. Welcome and you're going to meet some of the best people. Any questions just ask, need advice just ask, need an opinion just ask. Have fun and bring a friend.
  2. I was at the LT and was the last shooter. After the guns were checked there was no one there. I went to holster a pistol and it slipped out of my hand. This was before I had surgery to repair nerve damage, at the time I had very little feeling in my hand so I had to actually watch what I was doing, that time I didn't watch.
  3. I gave myself a MDQ last year, dropped a loaded pistol, no one saw it, but I called the penalty thought it was the right thing to do. And glad to hear that you stuck around and helped out and didn't go right home, that's the cowboy way.
  4. Well......no I better leave that story for another day
  5. I see now where the moderators have taken the post down, good job!
  6. For wads, nitro cards, overshot cards try BPI there are others as you've probably know. For sealing I use Duco cement, dries quick and leaves no residue. I seal my hulls because of the high humidity here.
  7. If I lived further east I might've put in an application. If you're still riding solo and coming this way in the future I'd be happy to let you ride shotgun with me. Even have an extra room at the homestead if you need, no charge.
  8. Now I've got to decide when to pay him
  9. @Tall Tale Todd send me a PM, I'll have good news for you.
  10. I'd be glad to help...even an AF guy
  11. I just bought them used and this was my first match with them. I really liked the lowered hammers, but it may be better to use them when the weather cools off. @Tyrel Cody I'm planning to try my new to me C&B guns at the next match
  12. I appreciate all the input on checkered grips. These are bird's head NMV with checkered wood grips, maybe it the size/shape of the grips that made hard to hold.
  13. You guys never cease to amaze me.
  14. My first thought is that it's a single shot shotgun looking at the thickness of the hammer and breech. I'm sure others with more experience will chime in. Ciao I was wrong.
  15. Today I used pistols with wood grips (hoping it'd help), the other pistols are stag grips.
  16. I went through 2 terry cloth towels. My wife said they smelled like a wet buffalo
  17. I shot a match today in Southern LA and with high humidity, my hands were sweating so bad I thought for sure I'd drop a pistol. And shooting duelist even with lowered hammers it was a challenge to pull the hammer without my thumb slipping off. Looking for a recommendation for something that I can use that'll give me some grip. I thought of chalk but I'm hoping someone knows of something better.
  18. Just yesterday I was loading 9mm on a Dillon SDB and for some reason it "spit" out good primer, nothing wrong with the primer just spit it out before it got into the seating hole. It did it a second time still don't know why, loaded another 300 rounds and it never did it again. Must've been gremlins.
  19. That's what you get for loading smokeless
  20. Thanks for the answer. Imagine (though it's probably unlikely), if that was a hang fire cartridge that made it to the ULT and suddenly went off. Who knows what could've happened. I'd think at the very least someone might need a new pair of shorts
  21. @John Kloehr Get in touch with Scarlett, she can set you up with everything from powder and primers to bullets. If you've got a question ask her she knows her business and is a very very good shooter.
  22. Diamond K has a coupon for today $20 off if you spend $100 or more.
  23. Here's a place with them in stock. I've bought from them before and it was good quality and there count was generous. Diamond K
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