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  1. Thanks be to God for all our blessings. I hope all my pards have a great day!
  2. Looks like fun. I often regret that I missed the halcyon days of SASS around the turn of the millennium. I have noticed this year there being more whimsical stages than I remember from 3 years ago. The spring seat stagecoach seat at the Gila Rangers NM state match, the Kick the Bucket stage at last month’s Tres Rios Bandidos match in Farmington, and the stage involving a sack of gold at the Rio Grande Renegades’ Fall Fandango come to mind. I appreciate the creativity of the stage writers who realize there is more to our sport than how fast you can shoot. Nice to see people smile, laugh, and engage in good natured ribbing after an unusual stage.
  3. Glad to hear you like your Bisley, thanks for the mini review.
  4. Research says NVs are XR3 and the Wranglers are XR3-Red. I did try them on an old model Blackhawk and they were not a fit.
  5. Lance Schofield of https://www.lsgrips.com/ made these with curly maple that I provided. I finished them with tung oil. Sold the New Vaqueros a while back when I switched to Bisleys. Just ordered a couple of Wranglers, so I would like to sell these, or trade them for grips that will fit the Wranglers. $100 for the pair, shipped conus. Pic is what they look like on blued NVs. Guns not included.
  6. Good times for sure. View of Fowler City range from the ridge to the south. Beautiful location.
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