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  1. The White Mountain Old West Shootists have scheduled their annual match, the Shootout at the Painted Desert, for June 10th-12th. https://www.wmows.com/upcoming-events.html I have a list of pros and cons so folks will have an idea of what they would be signing up for. Cons: Last year it was both hot AND windy It has rustic props and not very exciting awards It is small, last year's total attendance was 13 It is kind of in the middle of nowhere Luxury accommodations in the area are sparse (I believe Kid Rodelo has hotel recommendations if folks are interested) Pros: I'll be there! Ample free area for dry camping (bring water and shade) Pretty scenery in the austere Painted Desert Side matches are fun, they are really into long range rifle at WMOWS Food is good! Nice folks, but that kinda goes without saying, it’s a SASS club You'd be helping out a small club that needs all the help it can get
  2. Snakebite is not the only nay-sayer. 2 gunsmiths whose opinion I trust have said that the internals on Turkish guns (like the CZ imported Huglu) leave something to be desired. The handgun community has had issues with Turkish metallurgy, particularly it’s inconsistent heat treatment of crucial parts. The problem is there aren’t a whole lot of reasonably priced options. I am glad that Longhunter is making them work, and glad that a lot of pards are getting good service from their CZ’s. I’m also glad that I have a couple of old TTN hammer guns for Classic Cowboy.
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