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  1. Cut the bread and beer out. It’s gonna hurt but it’s gonna work. I dropped 30 on your strategy plus no booze or bread. I’ve kept it off too - I’ve added in an occasional drink and even more occasional bread. La Banderita makes a good low carb sandwich wrap that’s been a Godsend. Good luck!
  2. So looks like she plays by blowing and fingering the pipes and squeezing the bag. Fascinating.
  3. This means cheap 5.56 once they roll it out. Win!
  4. Selling a pair of Altamonte Rosewood grips for Ruger Bisley Vaqueros. I have 2 sets. Barely used, too thick for my tiny hands. $45 each, $80 for the pair.
  5. For sale: Eagle Gunfighter grips for a Bisley Vaquero (old or new model) in Rosewood. Gently worn. Checkered. I have a pair. They’re great, I just went with a different color. $95 set, $180 for the pair.
  6. Having fairly recently escaped MA, the gun laws would make it rather difficult to pull off an EOT in the NE. Maybe ME or NH but not sure if they have the facilities. MA, RI, CT, NY and NJ would be ‘difficult’.
  7. One happened on ours too. Shooter fumbled a loaded pistol at the loading table and dropped it. Same deal, shooter owned it and continued to help out and congratulated the finishers. Class act and good sportsman.
  8. I’m punching way above my weight class in this picture!
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