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  1. Good article from Oct 2020 that explains what is going on. Andrew Pollack: If Biden Wins, Policies That Led to Parkland Shooting Will Go Nationwide (breitbart.com)
  2. Reminds me of this one. An old favorite.
  3. As far as my Better half will let me. Her Alias "May B Knott" says it all.
  4. The door hinges will also be on the opposite side of the frame.
  5. I / we were in your boots earlier this year. Ended up getting a Ford F150 4x4 with towing package, has the electronic brake system built in, with the turbo 3.8L v6. Camper shopping led us to a Forrest River Palomino Puma 25 ft. with slide out, 6300lb empty, 7400lb fully loaded. Lots of room and storage. We did not want to be cramped LOL. It has a 13.5 AC so went with the Predator 3500 generator, fits under the truck bed cover just fine, weighs about 100lb, but you can run it from right in the bed if you fold up the cover. Planning to add a remote start/stop package to it. Runs the AC fine, but do have to shut the AC off to run the microwave, not a big deal. Been to 4 big matches this year and it has worked out great. Advantage to the TT cuz you can park it at a nearby campground when there are no spaces left at the range and drive to the match in the pickup with all your gear already loaded.
  6. Thanks, I measured and thought the die could be a little lower. So you used the plastic spacer and 2 washers ?
  7. I there a bolt or BCG included?
  8. Nope, I'm saying they were/are just as reliable as the modern copies.
  9. Continued: Shot a box through my Bakail and wife's Yildiz Saturday. Not one hull stuck, they load easy and eject easy. Very happy with this product.
  10. Just my opinion. They can take it as well as the new guns if they are in good condition. That said, it is gonna break. I bought a brand new Uberti 73 rifle for CAS because I broke the firing pin on my original Winchester 73. Have broken 3 firing pins in the Uberti since. The difference, it is easier to find parts for a new gun. We do run them hard.
  11. CCI primers are more likely to "hang" in the feed tube. Other than that, no issues.
  12. Wild Bunch! 5 pistol targets, engage in a 1-5 sweep then single tap 1 and 5. Stage pistol on table for further use. Engage 6 shotgun knockdowns in any order. Repeat the pistol instructions. Engage 5 rifle targets with same sequence as pistol (rifle loaded with 7 rounds) AND finally repeat pistol instructions. I loved it.
  13. I would go back 2 more steps and check your resizing die. If finished rounds do not go all the way in the checker, that indicates they were not fully resized. This will mess up the rest of the process since your brass is not starting out at the correct dimensions. Chamber check the resized brass to ensure it is fully resizing and is within spec. I have learned to check all dies being tight every couple hundred rounds loaded on my dillion 650. Also brass length could be your issue, longer brass crimps tighter and could bulge the brass lower down the case. Hope this helps.
  14. I'd say, depends on caliber and availability of what you actually want. I looked for a year for a Ruger old model stainless 44-40 4.62" barrel to match one I already had. Finally I bought a 7 1/2" 44-40 and a 4.62" 44 magnum and swapped the barrels. It is not difficult, but requires some special tools and patience to get it right. If the guns you want are readily available, buy them and sell the old ones. If not, break out the barrel vice and rent the tools needed.
  15. Seems it is never actually "as written" these days, so I wait a day or so to get the rest of the story before commenting. By then there are enough comments that bring out the facts so I don't need to. I think there are some that have an issue with the rules, and would rather overlook a violation because they don't believe the rule is correct. The latest example of a hammer not fully down after holstering an empty gun. Clear and obvious SDQ as per the rules. Some would question what is actually "unsafe" here and are looking for a way to not apply such a severe penalty?
  16. Never was a fan of the flat triggers till I tried the Sig P320 X5 Legion. It is the only pistol I own with a flat trigger. It is also the pistol I shoot the most accurately. Could be it has nothing to do with the trigger, but it works for me.
  17. So far the prosecution has not presented 1 piece of evidence supporting the charges, nada, none. They haven't even proven that Rittenhouse was "illegally" carrying a long gun.
  18. Got my Quick Loader die friday. Installed on my MEC 9000 last night, replacing the last crimp die. Ran a few already loaded shells through the last 2 crimp dies and they tapered nicely. Waiting on powder bushings, once I get them will load a couple boxes to test fire this coming weekend. So far works as advertised. All the shells loaded previous to the QL die did not pass chamber check, after QL die, they all passed. Loading Win AA hulls.
  19. Very good coverage. Yes I am following the "kenosha hat trick" trial.
  20. I have one coming this week. Plan to attempt the same on a MEC 9000. Can you elaborate on "slightly modified the quick loader die"
  21. I have noticed everyone on this thread has "SKBs" ... sell some will ya I have noticed everyone on this thread has "SKBs" ... sell some will ya
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