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  1. I had same problem with same gun (El Patron). Sent back to Uberti, they returned it, still had same issue. Cylinder failing to lock up, probably a timing or bolt not seating properly in the cylinder. Only happened about every 10 to 15 times and only when attempting to fire it fast. Even the gunsmith at the shop I bought it at tested and agreed it was defective, but would not fix it as it was under warranty and Uberti wouldn't fix it either. Traded it back in for a Cattleman that didn't do that. Added: eventually it will stop close enough to set off a round that is not aligned with the barrel and spray lead back at you. Not good.
  2. Leatherman multi-tool rag small gunsmiths screw driver set small spray can of ballistoil small bottle of CLP spare firing pin for rifles shotshell checker shotgun chamber swab squib rod extra ear plugs cryin towel cleaning kit stays in the truck have never needed to clean guns at a 2 day 12 stage match at the most I'll run a snake through the shotgun barrels
  3. Appeals Court Blocks California Law Banning Firearms in Public Places | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila It's called the 9th circus for a reason. Now it's back to blocking the law from going into effect.
  4. The only thing rarer than a 44-40 vaquero is a pair of 44-40 cylinders to convert your 44 magnums to 44-40. Good luck. I spent several years trying to find a match for my 44-40 4.62 inch Vaquero. Finally just bought a 7.5 inch and swapped the barrel off a 4.62 44 magnum.
  5. Hey CW, TN Gun Country had some Fed SPP on the shelf last week.
  6. Having a lathe for one. The method and tools I described does not require a lathe. All the same processes can be done on a lathe, and is the "usual" method of setting the cylinder gap on a single action revolver. As others mentioned adding metal to the forcing cone and re-cutting it adds a variable (heat) that can cause problems to the barrel. Only reason I could think to do this is the forcing cone is damaged.
  7. Forgot to add, yes you will probably have to do some filing on the ejector rod housing where it fits into the frame, depending on how tight it fits now. In my barrel swap I only had to file one of them, as the barrel of the other only needed a little cut from the barrel set back to fit it. The other needed 3/4 turn cut to fit.
  8. Obviously you need a barrel vice, not hard to find on the www. 4d rental has the tool to cut the barrel behind the threads. You will need to cut enough to add a full turn then tighten the barrel back onto the frame, cut a little, check fit, repeat till you have it fit hand tight 10-12 degrees before center. 2nd tool is to cut the forcing cone to achieve the correct cylinder gap. Take your time, cut a little, check fit till it's right. Finally the tool to re-cut the inside of the forcing cone since it is now shorter than it was. A frame wrench can be made easily with a couple bolts and some angle steel and leather padding. I did this to a pair of 44 rugers, swapping the barrels. Barrel set back cutter: Barrel Set-Back Fixture, Revolver (Brownells™) - 4D Reamer Rentals (4drentals.com) This kit has the tools to cut face of the forcing cone to set the cylinder gap, and the inside of the cone itself: Revolver Forcing Cone Tools 38/357/9mm (11 degree) - 4D Reamer Rentals (4drentals.com)
  9. 4Drental has the tools and it's really not that difficult.
  10. Clicked the link. Price is $134.49. Don't you have to replace the hammer and trigger to convert a plow handle to a bisley grip? I like the SBH hammers over the bisley hammer.
  11. Yes, lite loads of 38sp produce blowback. Compared to lite 44-40 its a lot and needs cleaning often. Compared to lite 45colt, its minor and you only need to clean it half as often. I reload for all 3 of these, smokeless only CAS ammo, and that is my experience.
  12. To actually answer your question. No, that makes no sense at all.
  13. Sounds like you have a seating/crimping die with the crimping die set too deep. bring the die up a couple turns and the seating stem down to the desired seating depth. I'm assuming you are crimping in a separate step.
  14. I have skin in this game. I shoot WB monthly even though I could shoot CAS at the same mid-month match at our club. I also sign up for the WB side match at every big match we attend. With the new rules, has anything changed for me and my better half, no we will continue to shoot WB with our 44-40 rifles. We do welcome more shooters regardless of what caliber rifle they use. Those opposing these changes wanted WB to go in the opposite direction. Condition 1 carry and movement with loaded guns. More IPSIC IDPA style shooting. Although I could go either direction as a shooter, most WB shooters I have shot with would not do well in that environment. Going in that direction would have attracted some of those shooters to try WB, but I don't see them really sticking with it. They shoot factory ammo. They are not reloaders and would balk at the requirement of lead only bullets. Which would have the advocates for this style of shooting eventually wanting plated or jacketed ammo allowed. I just don't see that direction being good for the game of WBAS. I fully support the direction SASS is going with these changes. Gents, if you want to quit in protest, more power to ya, I don't see it as productive.
  15. The only way to disarm criminals is to lock them up, and that only limits them to edged weapons to use on each other. I see no use in the banning of free people owning "arms". If you are not capable of peacefully owning arms, you should be locked up.
  16. Interesting turn of events for the WBAS saga. Ever since starting WBAS several years ago I noticed there were 2 factions in WBAS. One wanted to go more W3G/tactical, the other more Cowboy friendly. Seems SASS went with the Cowboys and I support their decision. I wish all the luck and success to the Texas Doughboys, I hope "Wilder Bunch" works out for you, although I think W3G is the appropriate name for what ya"ll got going on. If I'm ever down your way, I'll probably shoot with you. Unlike some I can adapt and draw from condition 1 or 3.
  17. I know several soldiers who have gone through this. The military with unit support will find something the disabled soldier can do in order to reach retirement. Why? Because when you retire, you get your retirement check and if your disability is over 70% you also get disability pay not deducted from your retirement pay. So 50% (approx depending on when you enlisted) retirement pay and 100% disability. It's all about what is best financially for the soldier. Otherwise a medical discharge only get you the disability pay.
  18. It's the frame. While your solution is fine for the 10 you load at the loading table, it's a disaster reloading on the clock.
  19. The frame of the rifle behind the lifter is designed to straighten the last round loaded as it is lifted. Cleaning up the burrs and sharp edges in this area will fix it. I've done this on several rifles with total success.
  20. The smokeless 44-40 cartridges of the era were safe for use in earlier "black powder" models. The smokeless cartridges made equal or less pressure. Modern 44-40 loaded by any of the major manufacturers is safe in black powder era guns as the saami limit for max pressure is well under what can be produced by black powder. As stated earlier watch out for "High Velocity" loading that should be marked "not for pistols" or "model 92 rifles only". These are no longer produced but can be found in the collector market. If you really want good historical info, I recommend: Chasing the 44-40 - Chasing The 44-40 (google.com)
  21. And this is why I don't have any "little" pistols.
  22. I shoot 44-40 in CC. Same 44-40 in WB. My wife shoots 38s in CAS Ladies Senior, and my backup 44-40 in WB. Recoil is really no difference. The longer distance to targets is what will slow you down, ya gotta aim. I see no advantage to using a 38 rifle in WB and if my wife wants to use her 38, that's fine. I could start using her backup 38, but no I'll stick with the 44-40. The advantage of 38s (my opinion) is the reduced recoil in the PISTOLS not the rifle and the bigger issue of reduced cost of shooting as well as same caliber for rifle and pistol. I know lots of CAS shooters that shoot 45 Colt not in CC, but because its historically the caliber in the Colt pistols, kinda like why I shoot 44-40, it's the original caliber chambered for both the 1873 rifle and Colt Pistol. They don't shoot CC because of the the hammered double requirement.
  23. Jacketed, Plated, off the shelf ammo. Shorts and T-shirt.
  24. I'm sure there is more to it, but what I do know is Teddy Roosevelt you replace the pistol caliber rifle with a rifle caliber lever action like a model 94 in 30-30. Doughboy again replace the pistol caliber rifle with a bolt action rifle of the period, like a 1903. From what I have seen / heard about, the rifle targets are usually a bit further out. Interested to see how this will work out as main match category shooting the same target distances as the normal WB scenario.
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