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  1. Exactly, there are multiple proven techniques, most of which rely on taking the gun out of battery rendering it unable to fire. Others use striking the wrist, paralizing the hand.
  2. Has the lever safety been removed?
  3. hmmm, my mother hasn't emailed me for my christmas list yet, better check on her.
  4. The stories I could tell... but then I'd have to .... oh never mind
  5. Totally bummed. Here I am at work, when I should be on the range. Oh well, it is winter.
  6. Haven't tried ultimate yet. I use titegroup or cleanshot of equal amounts in all my pistol calibers. Both work great.
  7. Good info. I don't have any "new" starline thats empty, but I have a bunch of older stuff as well as some mixed head stamped, I'll have to check some out.
  8. I recently loaded 500 brand new starline 44WCF and noticed the primers (federal large pistol) seated well below the rim. I hope they go off. Older brass seems to be closer to flush.
  9. There are still a lot of older stock CCI primers out there. The older stock have the dark blue packaging.
  10. Some loading manuals recommend not to use small pistol primers in ammo used in semi auto rifle ammo due to the floating firing pin in the AR style rifles.
  11. I have one 66 with carbon insert, works great for smoother feeding. Second is a 73 with aluminum insert, also great for smoother feeding. Read somewhere the carbon inserts tend to get stuck in the metal magazine tube causing issues when you need to clean it. Not had this problem "yet".
  12. Clean as they can be using the easiest methods available. I'm just getting started with wet tumbling. I tried strato-sheen after reading other threads indicating that it could replace the pins as a media with same result. I'm just pointing out, and you confirmed, that this is not the case.
  13. I too was gifted a wet tumbler for Christmas. Ran the first batch using the supplied cleaner and some dawn with pins, deprimed brass, came out nice and clean. Second batch deprimed, lemi-shine, dawn and pins, spectacular. Next I tried strato-sheen, dawn, lemi-shine. Result is super shiny, but did not clean the insides or primer pockets as well as the pins did. Tumbling times was 2 hours. Gonna try 3 hours to see if the strato-sheen can clean the inside and primer pockets as well as the pins, if it can't, I might order some chips, as the pins separation is the one part that is a pain.
  14. I love the idea, just would not want to waste primers on it.
  15. To add to Savvy Jacks info. The expander die is key to seat different diameter bullets with enough neck tension to prevent them telescoping into the case under recoil or magazine spring pressure. At the same time not deforming the neck causing chambering issues. Crimping is part of this process, but starting with the right expander die is key to when seating the bullet. Seating the bullet as straight as possible prevents deforming the neck. I use the RCBS Cowboy expander die, even though I'm loading on a Dillon 650 progressive press. It has a 2 step expansion that opens up the neck a couple thousands more at the top. When placing the bullet for seating, you can "press" the bullet in and it will sit straight under minimum tension and not move while you press it into the seating die. This keeps the bullet from rocking and deforming the neck because it is crooked while seating.
  16. The way I understand the change, this does not create a new category. It allows Juniors to shoot gunfighter style in the Junior category, same as B Western do.
  17. Wish I could do the same. Brought up the Georgia Match to the Boss... should change here alias cuz it wasn't "May B Knott", it was "H3ll No".
  18. Tie breaker... how about a shootoff at the Cemetery at Wartrace
  19. 9mm replaced .22 as my plinking caliber. So once a month when I'm not shooting 44s, I plink with 9mm.
  20. I'm going to 2 so far. Gotta talk my better half into signing up for a third... so May B Knott LOL but I'm gonna try.
  21. Well there goes my chances at a Duelest buckle I do hope you can shoot though
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