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  1. "The facility will specialize in the production of primers, a key component in ammunition manufacturing, for the small arms industry." From the article.
  2. I have been using Ginex primers in my auto pistols (9mm and 45acp) so SPP and LPP for the last couple months. Have worked very well. I have been able to get enough Federals, so not needed to use them in my cowboy guns yet.
  3. "The facility will specialize in the production of primers, a key component in ammunition manufacturing, for the small arms industry." Seems to me that someone finally realized there is money to be made filling the BIG hole in ammunition manufacturing. This could end the primer shortage.
  4. It's the difference between "ting" and "CLANG"
  5. WOW, some of the same individuals who say it's not the equipment (short strokes, Ruger Vaqueros, SKB Doubles) That the top shooters use that makes them the best, it's the hard work and practice, All a sudden think a 1/4 inch larger port will make Widder the World Champion and Matt Black won't have a chance against such an advantage.... sheesh. The only advantage anyone has in this game is the amount of hard work and practice they put into it. I see no reason to disallow a period correct SAFE reproduction of any kind.
  6. Actually this article is about loading for a revolver, which is even weaker than a toggle link action. Current load data for the 44-40 as stated in the article limits pressure to the weakest possible chambering, which is revolvers. Although they are "pretty hot" for cowboy action shooting, these are "standard" loads right from any manual.
  7. Introduced in 1993 the Ruger Vaquero... Hmmm, seems like we allow modern guns that look like their predecessors already. The 93/97 "looks" like a 93 but is of modern manufacture and is SAFE to shoot modern smokeless powder.
  8. Bought new 4-5 years ago. Have Case and everything that came with it new, to include the Legion soft case. Extras include 3 more magazines, for a total of 6, 12 round magazines. .357sig barrel, uses same magazines, just swap barrel. Blackhawk serpa holster. Asking $1100. Would prefer FTF in TN but also willing to ship to FFL who will accept from a private seller.
  9. Sounds like a great shoot. I looked em up on the interwebs to find out they're in Utah. Didn't know Utah was a "Dixie" state. Was hoping it was a little closer to TN. Why does no one ever mention WHERE these shoots are, just the name of the club?
  10. I was loading AA hulls with 7/8 oz 7.5 shot and 16gr titegroup, this worked well. Since switched to titewad due to availability.
  11. Somebody fed one to my "Guard Dog", so I kept it, I'll be bringing it for good luck.
  12. I agree IF you can stop the shooter before firing a round. Once a round is fired, it is not a restart, it is a reshoot. Least that is how I see it. SHB page 20 "Restarts shall be allowed for a competitor to achieve a “clean” start, before the first round goes down range."
  13. I don't entirely agree. Although it sounds good on paper, what happened to the "after the first shot, you own the stage and must run it to completion". Just sounds more like an Alibi to avoid a penalty than a restart. There is no allowance for a restart after the first shot is fired. There is allowance for a reshoot after the first shot, does this qualify? I don't think so.
  14. I would rate them: 1. Colt 2. Kimber 3. Rock Island 4. Auto Ordinance and through in Ruger at 2.5
  15. I have put these on all my 73s. 1 worked great out of the box, the other 2 I needed to bend it a little more to increase the tension. As described earlier, it would not close once tension on the magazine spring increased with more rounds in the tube. Also you may need to do some filing on either the gate or lifter arm, because the gate catches on the lifter arm when you push it in all the way while loading.
  16. Good article from Oct 2020 that explains what is going on. Andrew Pollack: If Biden Wins, Policies That Led to Parkland Shooting Will Go Nationwide (breitbart.com)
  17. Reminds me of this one. An old favorite.
  18. As far as my Better half will let me. Her Alias "May B Knott" says it all.
  19. The door hinges will also be on the opposite side of the frame.
  20. I / we were in your boots earlier this year. Ended up getting a Ford F150 4x4 with towing package, has the electronic brake system built in, with the turbo 3.8L v6. Camper shopping led us to a Forrest River Palomino Puma 25 ft. with slide out, 6300lb empty, 7400lb fully loaded. Lots of room and storage. We did not want to be cramped LOL. It has a 13.5 AC so went with the Predator 3500 generator, fits under the truck bed cover just fine, weighs about 100lb, but you can run it from right in the bed if you fold up the cover. Planning to add a remote start/stop package to it. Runs the AC fine, but do have to shut the AC off to run the microwave, not a big deal. Been to 4 big matches this year and it has worked out great. Advantage to the TT cuz you can park it at a nearby campground when there are no spaces left at the range and drive to the match in the pickup with all your gear already loaded.
  21. Thanks, I measured and thought the die could be a little lower. So you used the plastic spacer and 2 washers ?
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