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  1. I will wait until you finish it and then borrow it for a year or so. LOL TM
  2. yeah, glad I bought 5k of them when they were at this price. TM
  3. CHEDDITE 209 PRIMER - 1,000 COUNT | Ammo Planet TM
  4. At least it missed the bone so should heal in time. Just keep it clean and don't let it get infected. That is a big concern. Don't ask me why. TM
  5. http://missourimarshal.net/mmlb.html TM
  6. 05-27_28-23 Texas State Championship BOPC 2023 Total Time Final.pdf Let me know if you can download this file. thanks TM
  7. FB has the overall list. https://www.facebook.com/groups/271220253906765 Check out the recent files section. TM
  8. So now we are gonna be able to keep track of you jingling all the way. LOL TM
  9. Sports Target USA still has decent prices for primers. Fed in SPP are $88 per thousand and if you buy 5K shipping is free. Still have the $30 hazmat fee but at least they have them available. TM
  10. Their descriptions are pretty close to the same for both powders. Will be interesting to see how they do since I can't find Clays around here. Hodgdon High Gun Smokeless Shotshell Powder Description High Gun is a flattened, spherical shotshell powder designed for light-target, handicap and super handicap loads in a 12-gauge shotgun. This powder also closely duplicates Remington Nitro 27 factory loads. High Gun’s geometry results in a powder that meters consistently, has excellent ignition and burns clean enough to throw uniform patterns clay after clay. Hodgdon Perfect Pattern Smokeless Shotshell Powder Description Perfect Pattern is a fast-burning, flattened, spherical shotshell powder designed for light and extra-light field and target loads for the 12-gauge shotgun. Its geometry and density results in excellent ignition, superb metering and low charge weights that deliver consistent patterns with mild report and low recoil. TM
  11. Think you have enough rounds for the 4 knockdowns now? LOL TM
  12. Welcome to the clan. My wife shows up some to scorekeep but doesn't shoot which might be a blessing since it would cost me twice as much. LOL TM
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