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  1. They still brought forward the red flag, one handgun a month, etc. A shallow and temporary win unless we keep the pressure up
  2. I have a pristine Smith and Wesson Model 14-8(Classic) in nickel finish. 6" barrel though... Going to list it for sale here shortly.
  3. I went through a ENT ( ear nose throat) specialist as I trust medical facilities better than hearing aid sales people
  4. Look at Phonak brand Bluetooth rechargeable. I paid 3500.00 and LOVE them
  5. with a paragraph on the back of each one....
  6. he is great to deal with. I have 6 of them.
  7. but he is not a competitor..... not sure what his point is
  8. 32" bbl. Shoots FANTASTIC. 1350.00 plus shipping from a private individual to your FFL. No trades.
  9. I cannot imagine that. here I can buy and take home any number of firearms I can afford in one day.
  10. I did a Stevens 311 20 ga years ago. Had MANY hours invested but it came out real nice. I never did fit a butt plate to it for some reason. Planned on checkering it but did not have the nerve after buying the tools
  11. that was a comment on the post above mine and not a recommendation to the OP. He indicated Acoustic guitar.
  12. After enlarging the image, I see these are 357 Mag caliber. Nice guns!
  13. the ES 335 is one of my favorite all time guitars!
  14. a professional set up is the best way to get the most out of any guitar
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