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  1. It looks like John Constanza's work. very nice
  2. Don't let a good one like this get away. You can spend less, sure, but that is what you will end up with.
  3. I have what you need in a complete quick change set with powder measure. Have not used it in a long time. Let me think on it and be sure I want to sell it. I will get back with you
  4. don't do it Daren. You will find out it is not your style and just end up selling for a loss like many have before you. Not many stick with them
  5. 4 gun deluxe cart. Has the new upgraded wheels and tires (not shown). 4 pistol rack and umbrella holder (no Umbrella) Picked up in Ellamore, WV 300.00 Cash.
  6. Nicely tooled, like new. 40.00 shipped
  7. here is the sales slip for the shotgun belt also shotgun belt is sold
  8. nice knives guys! Here in West Virginia, adults are trusted to carry automatic knives so I carry this SOG. I carry something more pedestrian when I travel....
  9. 10" at the wrist. 6 1/2 inches long and 14" at the forearm. Forearm is adjustable. Thanks
  10. what are you looking for? I will try and get you measurements. They are adjustable for the forearm.
  11. Beautiful set of custom Roper Cuffs. 100.00 shipped
  12. This is the top of the line gun rig from one of the best makers in the sport. I have lost 8" from my waist and this no longer fits me. 48" to the center hole with 9 total holes on the Holster belt. 360.00 shipped in US . Included is a badge holder (not the badge).loops for the center spacer hold 45 colt or 44-40. the holster will work with NMV or Colt clones. I have even used them with my OMVs.
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